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All parents want to inspire and support their children. And as a parent of a Carnegie Mellon student or graduate, your financial gift has a significant impact that will extend well beyond their time on campus.

Since tuition does not cover the full cost to educate students, support financial aid programs or fund facility construction or maintenance, a primary focus for Carnegie Mellon is to strengthen its endowment during this campaign.

Endowment refers to the permanent capital of the university. At Carnegie Mellon, the endowment is essential to fueling our innovation. It allows us to seize breakthrough opportunities and attract and retain the best and brightest faculty and students.

Most traditional funding sources favor well-worn research paths rather than the trailblazing for which we are known. By supporting the endowment, you play a pivotal role in Carnegie Mellon's ability to pursue promising new lines of research — the kinds of pioneering paths that kick-start whole new areas of discovery and impact.

Our closest competitors have three times the endowment per full-time student that we do, so we are accustomed to doing more with less. But with your support, our students and faculty could accomplish even more. That is why we encourage you to consider a gift to the endowment during this campaign. Every gift makes a lasting impact.

In addition to strengthening Carnegie Mellon's long-term financial stability with a gift to the endowment, there are also other ways in which your gift can make an immediate impact:

  • Provide the university with maximum financial flexibility by earmarking your gift for the Carnegie Mellon Fund.
  • Designate your online gift to a specific school or department, student organization or a number of other areas that may be important to you and your family.

Volunteer with the Parents Leadership Program Today

Giving is one way to support today's students, but many parents are also active as volunteers or advocates for Carnegie Mellon as part of the Parents Leadership Program. Volunteers host or attend events, serve as ambassadors for the university, and share their expertise through partnerships with our academic departments or Career & Professional Development Center.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Kathy Bogacki for more details.