Campaign Events - Inspire Innovation - Carnegie Mellon University

An Evening of Impact and Imagination

More than 400 people attended an evening of innovation, impact and imagination on June 20 to kick off campaign efforts in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

The evening included an Innovation Showcase featuring four demonstrations by Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley faculty members. Attendees got an inside look at solutions Carnegie Mellon faculty and students are developing that will change the way we live. The Innovation Showcase took place at the Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley campus.

Following the faculty demonstrations, a panel of experts discussed how the increasing interplay of arts and technology is having a dramatic effect on virtually every aspect of our lives, from business to pop culture, education to entrepreneurship. Watch the panel on YouTube or download the audio or video version on iTunes U.

The evening concluded with a reception and a performance of “Time’s Graffiti: Lucky Calligraphy."