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More than 86,000 individuals call Carnegie Mellon their alma mater. This campaign is as much about those alumni as it is about the students of today. “Inspire Innovation” will not only fuel current research and education, but will also ensure the Carnegie Mellon tradition continues for many years to come.

Please contact Kristin Sullivan, Senior Campaign Officer for Planning and Operations, at 412-268-5139 if you are interested in any of these opportunities: 

Help fundraise—Share philanthropic motivations with other alumni and friends during a phone call or in-person meeting. You’ll be accompanied by Carnegie Mellon's fund-raising staff, and, in some cases, may make direct asks for philanthropic support from your friends.

Host an Event—Agree to provide a venue for a university activity associated with the campaign.  Venues will depend on the size or content of an event, which could range from an intimate dinner at a private residence to a larger event at a club or place of business.  You could also provide welcoming remarks and greet participants.

Help making connections—As an advocate, you are essential in securing and arranging high-level introductions or meetings with corporate, foundation, alumni, parent or individuals who might participate in the campaign.  Advocate volunteers may also encourage alumni and parents and friends to attend key alumni and/or campaign events. 

Be a thanker—Become stewards to others who have made gifts to the campaign or who have served as key volunteers.  As a stewardship volunteer, you may be asked to make phone calls, sign letters, meet with donors/volunteers to say thank you, or host a thank you event.

Give regional advice—Provide insight regarding a particular region as well as encourage alumni, parents and friends to attend regional alumni and campaign events.  If you are a regional volunteer, you may be asked to attend regional events serving as a representative of the university and to speak on behalf of the university at alumni, parent, or campaign events.

For more information on volunteer opportunities specific to Inspire Innovation: The Campaign for Carnegie Mellon University, please contact Kristin Sullivan, Senior Campaign Officer for Planning and Operations, at 412-268-5139 or

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