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Retaining and Enhancing a World-Class Faculty

Our professors choose Carnegie Mellon for its singular environment – the best departments in their fields, exceptional colleagues who collaborate across departmental boundaries, and an entrepreneurial culture unlike anywhere else.

We often look at issues and challenges before anyone else. However, U.S. federal funding for this groundbreaking work has been more difficult to come by in recent years. The irony is that once our faculty show the world that these are the paths of the future, their work attracts many funders.

Our entrepreneurial faculty members spend significant amounts of time searching for resources to support their research. With additional financial support, they could even double the fruits of their work.

Donors have begun to provide the capital to make this exciting work happen. You are the key to fueling and accelerating innovation. 

Our Goal: $350 Million in Faculty Support

  • Endowed Faculty Chairs
  • Start-Up Funds for New Faculty
  • Gifts for Research and Academic Pursuits

To learn more about making a generous donation to support these initiatives, contact us.  

  • Online Gift Opportunities to Support Faculty

    Everything Carnegie Mellon does springs from its premier faculty. Expand this section to learn more about supporting our faculty with an online gift of any amount. 


    • Endowed Faculty Fund

      This fund allows donors to support Carnegie Mellon professors in their groundbreaking work with a gift of any amount.Give Now »

Additional Ways to Support Faculty

In addition to the opportunities listed above (click on the + button to see online funding options), we offer several giving opportunities that can be customized to your needs. They include:

Faculty Start-up Funds
These funds, tailored to the specific needs of new Carnegie Mellon faculty, allow donors to support the newest ground-breaking work at the university. Contact us.
Research Support
These funds support breakthrough research projects that may one day improve the lives of people around the world. Contact us.
Faculty Discretionary Support: Need-based gifts
These funds provide faculty with critical resources to support their teaching and research initiatives. Contact us.
Named Career Development Professorship: $1.25M (min.)
This endowed fund provides crucial resources to enable innovation in education and research among our promising new faculty members. Contact us.
Named Distinguished Professorship: $2.5M (min.)
An important tool in attracting and retaining top faculty, this endowed fund will provide a professor with vital support for his/her most critical teaching and research initiatives year after year. Contact us.
Named School or Department Head: $3M (min.)
This endowed fund will provide the head of a Carnegie Mellon school or department with annual resources for key teaching and research initiatives. Contact us.
Named Deanship: $5M (min.)
This endowed fund will provide the dean of your choice with vital support every year to help fulfill his/her vision for the college or school. Contact us.
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Ray and Stephanie Lane

Established in 2007 through a $5 million gift from Ray and Stephanie Lane, researchers at the Ray and Stephanie Lane Center for Computational Biology have already found a way to reduce both the cost and time necessary for biological screening methods — such as the ones used in medical drug discovery. Read more.

Fighting Cancer