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Sustaining Foundations of Excellence

Carnegie Mellon is an outstanding performer. We run lean on administration, and we maximize our resources for comparative and competitive advantage.

Carnegie Mellon has never been about research for research’s sake. It is about research directed at responding with a sense of urgency to the emerging needs of our time.

This type of support allows schools and departments to marshal their resources in order to swiftly respond to new areas of research and education. These dollars also support student initiatives, student life and financial aid.

By supporting our ability to take full advantage of these opportunities, you help us meet the challenges of our world.

Our Goal: $200 Million to Support Emerging Opportunities

  • Unrestricted Current and Endowed Support
  • Innovation Funds for the President, Provost and Deans
  • Carnegie Mellon Fund and School-based Annual Giving Programs 
  • Carnegie Mellon Libraries

To learn more about making a generous donation to support these initiatives, contact us.  

  • Online Gift Opportunities for Leadership Support

    By providing support to the Carnegie Mellon fund, school-based annual giving programs and key resources such as our libraries, you help us seize opportunities that otherwise might go elsewhere or be lost entirely. Expand this section to learn more about online funding opportunities at any gift amount. 


    • General Endowment Support

      By strengthening our endowment, Carnegie Mellon remains responsive to the challenges of the world in perpetuity. As the permanent financial capital of the university, endowment provides long-term support for students, faculty and their innovative work. This fund allows you to be a part of this support with a gift of any dollar amount.Give Now »

      Carnegie Mellon Fund

      The Carnegie Mellon Fund ensures the excellence of all educational and research initiatives by giving the university the flexibility to respond to existing needs and emerging challenges.Give Now »

      CIT Dean's Innovation Fund

      The Carnegie Institute of Technology (CIT) Dean's Innovation Fund enables the leadership of CIT to meet existing needs and to invest in new areas of strategic interest to CIT's future.Give Now »

      CFA General Support Fund

      The College of Fine Arts (CFA) General Support Fund ensures the excellence of a federation of schools with professional training programs in the visual and performing arts in which intensive training and the university setting enrich practice.Give Now »

      H&SS Fund

      The Humanities & Social Sciences (H&SS) Fund ensures the excellence of a college that has achieved international prominence with its seven distinctive departments, which are characterized by outstanding research and teaching faculty, as well as interdisciplinary courses and programs with an increasingly international dimension.Give Now »

      SCS Dean's Innovation Fund

      The School of Computer Science (SCS) Dean's Innovation Fund ensures the school will build upon its preeminence in the field of computer science by giving leadership the ability to meet existing needs and to invest in strategic areas of interest for the future.Give Now »

      MCS General Fund

      The Mellon College of Science (MCS) General Fund ensures the excellence of the college's departments and researchers, who are taking leadership roles in biotechnology initiatives and several other strategic initiatives such as cosmology, green chemistry, computational biology, bioinformatics, nanotechnology, finance, sensor research, neuroscience and biological physics.Give Now »

      Heinz College General Fund

      The Heinz College General Fund supports the excellence of a college that has gained international recognition for working at the intersection of information systems, management and public policy — an approach without parallel anywhere in the world.Give Now »

      Tepper Fund

      The Tepper Fund provides support for one of the leading quantitative business programs in the world; a rich faculty legacy complete with six Nobel laureates; and initiatives around environment and energy economics, finance, monetary policy and organizational behavior, among others.Give Now »

      Library Support Fund

      The Library Support Fund will support a leader in providing information to faculty and students worldwide in the digital Information Age. The fund will support such improvements as physical enhancements to the libraries, the addition of resources and the advancement of specific library initiatives.Give Now »

      Carnegie Mellon in Silicon Valley Fund

      With a growing number of alumni and an expanding array of research and educational programs offered in Silicon Valley, Carnegie Mellon is a key partner in this geographical nexus for high-tech businesses, innovation and entrepreneurship. Known worldwide for expertise in business, engineering and technology, Carnegie Mellon's Silicon Valley campus offers students a unique opportunity to explore all of the resources of Carnegie Mellon coupled with the climate of the Silicon Valley.Give Now »

      Randy Pausch Legacy Fund

      Support Randy's Alice Project, a revolutionary way to teach computer programming, created by the beloved computer science professor. Students learn the fundamentals of computer programming while creating entertaining games and stories.Give Now »

Named Endowment Fund: $50K (min.)

In addition to the opportunities listed above (click on the + button to see online funding options), donors support the endowment through named endowment funds. This endowed fund named in your honor will provide long-lasting resources for a university initiative of your choice. Contact us.

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