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Areas of Excellence

To find out more about ways to support an area of excellence through online giving, with a gift of any amount, expand that section below. For questions about how to support an initiative in other ways, such as a generous donation creating an endowed scholarship, contact us.

  • Global Society and Economy

    Globalization requires new and innovative approaches to education that examine the complex interconnections between politics, cultures, economies and technologies around the world. Carnegie Mellon is preparing graduates who have the creativity, flexibility and the skill sets to manage innovation in a multinational playing field.  More »


    • Global Society and Economy Fund

      Support university-wide educational and research initiatives in strategic areas including global monetary policy, organizational behavior, finance and innovation management. Increasingly, global perspectives are incorporated across disciplines and the undergraduate curriculum, in addition to a number of new and innovative programs that have a global focus.Give Now »
  • Health and Wellness

    The convergence of information technology and science is defining advancements in the quality of life for people around the world. Through our Brain, Mind & Learning initiative, Carnegie Mellon faculty and students are unlocking the mysteries of how the mind works, developing new and better ways to treat diseases, and creating "smarter" homes and robotic tools for surgeons. Researchers are ensuring the safety of automobiles and affecting public policy for issues such as drug use and health care. With strengths in technology, engineering, chemistry and biology, Carnegie Mellon is a leader in this revolution. 


    • Health and Wellness Fund

      Support educational and research initiatives that will create a better quality of life and improve health and wellness. Initiatives span areas related to the field of health and wellness.Give Now »

      Brain, Mind & Learning Fund

      Support Carnegie Mellon's groundbreaking work in brain, mind and learning initiatives, including work that focuses on restoring and repairing brain function; understanding and enhancing how we learn; and maintaining a healthy mind and body.Give Now »
  • Energy, Environment, Sustainability

    Today’s environmental issues present formidable challenges in science, public policy and technology. Carnegie Mellon is pioneering innovative solutions to these challenges. Researchers here are leading the way to greener engines and fuels, greener buildings and design, even greener chemistry. Our students and faculty are developing solutions to remove harmful pollutants in manufacturing, finding new ways to solve urban air quality issues and improving solar energy solutions, and that's just the start. 


    • Energy, Environment, Sustainability Fund

      Support efforts to make a more sustainable world by giving to university-wide educational and research projects in areas such as: clean air and water; green design and architecture; environment and energy economics; and alternative energy research including new technologies for solar power.Give Now »
  • Artistic Inquiry

    The power and importance of artistic creation has shaped Carnegie Mellon since the school’s inception. Carnegie Mellon continues to be home to generations of artists, actors, composers, musicians, designers and architects. With unparalleled strength in bringing together interdisciplinary research, Carnegie Mellon is also home to cutting-edge work being done at the intersection of the arts and technology. 


    • Artistic Inquiry Fund

      The first comprehensive arts learning institution in the United States, artistic inquiry is an integral part of innovation at Carnegie Mellon. From nurturing the talent of legendary artists in traditional areas, to being a leader in emerging forms such as multimedia arts, Carnegie Mellon offers students a unique opportunity to focus in depth while exploring the full arts-to-sciences spectrum.Give Now »
  • Next Generation Computing

    For Carnegie Mellon researchers, the next wave of technology is already here. In fact, every day Internet users come into contact with ideas and concepts that originated at Carnegie Mellon. Carnegie Mellon is at the center of this next generation of computing in a variety of ways from security, infrastructure, access and storage, to mining large data sets for meaningful information — autonomously. The work occurring today in technological innovation is transforming education, science, industry, communication and society at large. 


    • Next Generation Computing Fund

      Support educational and research initiatives that are transforming education, science and society at large. Initiatives include next-generation data storage, infrastructure solutions, cutting-edge robotics and autonomous science.Give Now »
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Carnegie Mellon University has been a leader in the areas of brain science, psychology, and learning research for many decades — and researchers are grappling with problems that are very real and very complicated. Learn more.

Brain, Mind & Learning

Phillip LeDuc

Phillip LeDuc is pioneering the use of artificially created cells that can help to target and treat disease. His work is revolutionizing the fields of micro- and nanotechnology. And the Carnegie Mellon professor credits a gift to the university with giving him support when he needed it most. Read more.

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