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A Wise Investment

A Wise InvestmentIt’s the people who set Carnegie Mellon apart from other universities. They’re also the reason Paul (S’86) and Allison (TPR’88) Russo choose to give back to the university today.

“Carnegie Mellon students are high academic achievers from diverse communities across America,” said Mr. Russo, who’s grateful for his CMU education and the unique opportunities it’s afforded him.

As the managing director of Goldman Sachs, Russo also recommended that the Goldman Sachs Gives program help support today’s CMU students.

As a result, Goldman Sachs Gives donated $2 million to assist Carnegie Mellon students whose families have been disproportionately affected by America’s economic recession.

“It doesn’t take much to figure out there are a lot of families in pain around the country,” said Russo.

The $2 million gift is being used for scholarships based on financial need and academic performance, funding both endowed and expendable scholarships for students.

During a visit to campus, the Russos met the 2010 scholarship awardees and urged the students to take advantage of all that Carnegie Mellon has to offer.

“You have a tremendous opportunity. Take advantage of it while you’re here,” Russo urged students. “You’re investing in yourself, and there’s no better investment.”

The students enjoyed meeting the Russos. And they didn’t hesitate to let them know how much they appreciate the extra support.

“Carnegie Mellon has given me a lot of great opportunities and I’m glad I can continue my education here,” Benjamin Muzi (HS’13) told the Russos. “I’m also looking forward to giving back someday.”

Building off of Muzi’s sentiment, Russo left the students with one last piece of advice. “You don’t owe Goldman Sachs anything; nothing to my wife and me. You owe it to yourself and your families to do the best that you can,” explained Russo. “And should you ever have the opportunity – think about how this felt and consider giving back to Carnegie Mellon.”

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