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Part Loyalty. Part Giving Back.

Part Loyalty. Part Giving Back.Angie Salame (TPR'07) gives back to the Carnegie Mellon University SIFE chapter for one important reason. The program helped her get to where she is today.

SIFE - which stands for Students in Free Enterprise - is an organization that encourages students around the world to make a difference in their communities and become socially responsible leaders. Each year, Carnegie Mellon SIFE teams rely on the skills they've acquired in the classroom to initiate innovative outreach projects.

"Being a part of SIFE was one of those turnkey experiences that prepares you for the real world in ways that you can't find in a class," said Salame. "I donate to SIFE today because I want to give others that same opportunity."

The experience also helped give her the confidence to take a big chance two years ago. She left her position at the CBS affiliate in Washington, D.C., to start her own consulting company.

Salame still relies on the skills she gained as a business administration student with a focus in entrepreneurship. Currently, Salame is pitching a new TV show that would feature the mixologist Derek Brown exploring people, places and some of the more unusual drinking habits of different cultures.

"What I liked most about my Carnegie Mellon experience is that the Tepper School of Business rewarded and supported me in every insane idea or daring initiative that I was a part of," said Salame. "Ultimately, they provided me with a priceless education in and out of the classroom."

The value of her CMU education is something Salame has believed in since day one. That's why she worked at the CMU Telefund as a student and gives back to the Carnegie Mellon Fund (in addition to donating to SIFE) today.

"People don't realize that the money paid to the university for tuition only covers part of the total cost of a student's education," said Salame. "Plus, the value of my degree is affected by donations, because they play a part in determining college rankings."

"I'm happy to do my part to ensure that Carnegie Mellon gets all the credit it deserves for being, in my mind, the greatest university in the world."

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