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Fighting Cancer

Fighting CancerEstablished in 2007 through a $5 million gift from Ray and Stephanie Lane, researchers at the Ray and Stephanie Lane Center for Computational Biology have already found a way to reduce both the cost and time necessary for biological screening methods - such as the ones used in medical drug discovery.

The Lanes are committed to supporting innovative work to combat and eventually cure cancer. Their gift not only established a center that's expanding the understanding of complex biological systems using machine-learning, but it also endowed a professorship and provides support for doctoral and post-doctoral training in the field.

The first Ray and Stephanie Lane Professor of Computational Biology, Robert Murphy, is a leader in the field.

Murphy recently co-authored a study in the Journal of Machine Learning that focuses on an algorithm used widely in biology, which researchers use to draw conclusions about interconnected networks.

The Carnegie Mellon researchers found a way to strengthen the algorithm, which significantly improves the speed of the entire network.

In the end, the work could lead to new types of experiments requiring fewer resources and perhaps uncovering subtle anomalies that otherwise would go undetected.

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