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An Animated Dream

An Animated DreamAt Carnegie Mellon, our students combine arts with technology to create innovations with impact.

Take Molly Walter (CS'12). As a kid, Walter participated in a Carnegie Mellon class about programming – part of the C-MITES program, offering "fun classes for bright kids."

Molly's project was creating a short slapstick animation about a stick figure girl in a park. Somewhere along the way, she found her passion.

"It was then I think I realized that I truly love the problem-solving. The technology side is part of everything that I do, but integrating that with creativity is what I'm really passionate about," explained Walter.

Nearly a decade later, Walter – a computer science major at Carnegie Mellon – is taking classes that cover both the technology side and the artistic side of animation.

"What really drew me to Carnegie Mellon was not only the reputation of the computer science department, but CMU's dedication to connecting the arts and sciences," said Walter. "Being able to come to a school that integrates the sciences and the arts so well, it's perfect. It's exactly what I wanted."

Molly's dream to attend CMU was made possible because of the financial aid she received from the university, a portion of which comes directly from the generous gifts of donors.

Walter's story is a reminder that a gift of any size – even $10 to the Carnegie Mellon Fund – can help provide students with the financial aid they may need to attend Carnegie Mellon, reach their full potential and make their dreams become reality.

So what's next for Walter? She has plans of developing the next big animated film. And with the skills to work on either the artistic side of a film or the technology side, we're betting she'll be looking for an even bigger dream soon.

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