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Inspire Innovation

The Campaign for Carnegie Mellon University

In launching the Inspire Innovation campaign, our chief goal was to increase the power and reach of Carnegie Mellon. In practical terms, this means building our endowment. Simply put, endowment fuels our innovative education and research. Endowment growth is vital because it ensures that we have the flexibility to invest in the new ideas with the biggest potential.

In addition to funding the endowment, the campaign also focused on attracting gifts to support current needs in many of the areas identified below. These dollars seed innovation and enhance the breakthrough work already underway.

Key Initiatives and Goals

Retaining and Enhancing a World-Class Faculty: $350 Million

  • Endowed Faculty Chairs
  • Start-Up Funds for New Faculty
  • Gifts for Research and Academic Pursuits
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Supporting a New Generation of Student Innovators: $350 Million

  • Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Graduate Fellowships
  • Student Leadership Initiatives
  • Campus Programs and Athletics

Sustaining a Foundation of Excellence: $200 Million

  • Unrestricted Current and Endowed Support
  • Innovation Funds for the President, Provost, and Deans
  • Carnegie Mellon Fund and School-based Annual Giving Programs 
  • Carnegie Mellon Libraries

Enhancing an Innovative Environment: $100 Million

  • Funds for Updating and Enhancement of Physical and Technological Resources
  • School of Computer Science Complex and the Collaborative Innovation Center II

Grow and Sustain a Vibrant University Community

The campaign is aimed toward growing and sustaining a vibrant university community extending beyond the campus to include alumni, parents and friends, as well as students, faculty and staff. All of these constituencies contribute to the university community. Alumni provide a connection to our past and support for our future.

Through enhanced communications, engagement activities, events and volunteer opportunities, we are working to enhance the partnership with CMU's friends around the world.

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 Watch the Campaign Video

Narrated by alumnus Ted Danson, watch this overview of the campaign on Carnegie Mellon's YouTube channel.

Also check out these perspectives on Carnegie Mellon from the faculty, alumni, students and friends who know it best.

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