Carnegie Mellon University

C@CM Grades


You will receive 5% toward your overall grade for completing the Pre-Assessments for each unit. The Pre-Assessments will be graded for completeness, not performance; meaning that you will receive credit for completing the Pre-Assessments regardless of how well you perform on the assessment. We expect that your Pre-Assessment scores will be low because you haven't received any instruction on the learning objectives being assessed at the time that you complete them.

Learning Activities

You will receive 5% toward your overall grade for completing the Did I Get This? and Learn By Doing learning activities throughout the course. This grade will be based on participation, not performance - you'll get credit for completing the activities regardless of how many activities you complete correctly.

Exam-Readiness Quizzes

20% of your overall course grade will come from completing the Exam-Readiness Quizzes before you take the exam. These quizzes will be graded on your performance, with the highest score of all attempts completed before the deadline.

Final Exam

The Final Exam will be the largest factor in determining your overall course grade at 70%.

Overall Course Grade

Your overall grade must be at least 75% in order to pass the course.