Carnegie Mellon University


Due to the structure of additional major, navigating through the Biomedical Engineering requirements is different from that for other majors. Biomedical Engineering advisors are dedicated to helping students plan their academics. Students are strongly encouraged to maintain communications with advisors in both Biomedical Engineering and in the traditional engineering department.

Students should start considering track choices as early as the end of the freshman year, and make a decision during the course pre-registration period in the Spring of the sophomore year. Biomedical Engineering uses a two-stage advising system, with different advisors assigned before and after the beginning of the junior year. In addition, advices may be sought through either group sessions or individual meetings. Group sessions are held each semster prior to course registration. Students are then encouraged to meet with the advisor individually to address any unanswered questions.

An important planning tool that works in conjunction with advising is the Course Planning Worksheet, which allows students to monitor their own progress and makes the meeting with advisor more productive. Students should fill out this Planning Worksheet as much as possible prior to meeting with the advisor.

Fall 2017 Sessions:

Each student should attend the general advising session at least once while pursuing the additional major, preferably soon after declaring the BME major.

  • Wednesday, 11/8/17 from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM (Scott Hall 4N200, Large Conference Room)
  • Thursday, 11/9/17 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (Scott Hall 4N203, Small Conference Room)