Carnegie Mellon University

Research Topics of Current Ph.D. Students

Name Advisor Research Topics
Ba, Qinle Yang Investigating the Spatial Patterns of Intracellular Organelles and Their Interactions
Zhou, Xiao Chase Neural Computation and Learning, Brain-Computer Interface
Baker, Stefanie Russell Structure-Function Relationships of Protein-Polymer Conjugates: Improving Activity and Stability in Non-native Environments
Lai, Angela Cook Anti-platelet and Antibacterial Effects of Surface Generated Nitric Oxide in Artificial Lungs and Microscale Modeling of Clot Formation in Artificial Lung Fiber Bundle
Lee, Andrew Feinberg 3D Bioprinting Functional Cardiac Tissues
Li, David Wang Elucidating Cell-Cell Interactions in Collective Migration
Soohoo, Elaine Trumble Design and Development of a Torsional Ventricular Assist Device (tVAD)
Ukita, Rei Cook Biomaterials and Design Approaches to Prolong the Useful Lifetime of Artificial Lungs
Bahureksa, Lindsay Chase Neural Correlates of Learning Transfer in M1
Chai, Xiaoqi Yang Flux Measurement of Cargo Transport in Complex Geometry of Neurons
Rastogi, Sahil Cohen-Karni Multi-Scale and Topology Bioelectronics for Investigating Electrophysiology of Neurons
Robbins, Constance Kainerstorfer Hemodynamic Response to Compression as a Biomarker for Breast Cancer Therapy Prediction, Assessed with Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging
Sevcik, Emily Feinberg Mechanobiology of the Fibronectin Extracellular Matrix
Yerneni, Sai Gopalkrishna Campbell, Weiss Tumor Microenvironment Engineering
Han, Jooli Trumble Muscle-Powered Soft-robotic Cardiac Assist Devices
Ruesch, Alexander Kainerstorfer Estimation of Non-Invasive Intracranial Pressure and Cerebral Autoregulation in Traumatic Brain Injury by use of Near-Infrared Light
Bliley, Jacqueline (Jaci) Feinberg Cardiac Tissue Engineering
Bone, Jennifer Washburn Developing High Fidelity 3D Printed Biomaterial Constructs Using Hierarchical Machine Learning And Bayesian Statistical Analysis
Carrasquilla, Santiago Feinberg Bioengineered Corneal Stroma with Autologous Stem Cells
Fernandez Fisac, Carmen Chase

Dissociating Volitional and Non-Volitional Drivers of Neural Activity in Primary Motor Cortex

Jeon, Brian Chase, Kuhlman Plasticity of Neural Circuits
Kalmykov, Anna Cohen-Karni Three-Dimensional Nanodevice Arrays for Exploring Electrophysiology of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes
Nguyen, Katrina Chase, Gittis Delineating Subcortical Circuit Contributions to Locomotor Learning in Rodents
Whitefield, Daniel Dahl Changes in Chromatin Dynamics in Response to Various Stimuli (DNA Damage, Chemo Therapy Drug Treatment, Viral Infection)
Aranda-Michel, Edgar Trumble Soft Robotic Sleeve for Cardiac Co-Pulsation
Comber, Erica Cook, Feinberg Biomimetic Gas Exchange Channels for a Biofabricated Lung
Koh, Tze Hui Chase, Yu Statistical Methods for Calcium Imaging
Li, Songyang Campbell Introducing Cell Signaling Aspects into 3D Printable ECM-Based Hydrogel Precursor Inks
Lien, Jui-Chen Wang Studying the Mechanism of Cell Reorientation under Cyclic Stretching with a Polyacrylamide (PAA)-Based Stretcher for Concomitant Imaging
Mou, Chenchen Bettinger Ultra-Compliant Adhesive Hydrogels for Improving the Performance of Flexible Neural Interfaces
Tashman, Joshua Feinberg FRESH 3D Bioprinting of Tracheal Grafts
Yang, Jason Kainerstorfer Design and Validation of a High Temporal Resolution Optical Blood Flow Sensor
Bouloubassis, Kalliope Cook A Multi-Modal Approach to Clot Prevention in Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Cai, Zhengxiang He Noninvasive Imaging Inter-Ictal Network from Scalp EEG
Cao, Jiaming Grover, Kainerstorfer Modeling and Simulation of Neurovascular Coupling
Lin, Yun-Chu Wang Biomechanical Effects of Anisotropic Polyacrylamide Hydrogel
Niu, Xiaodan (Rachel) He Exploring Mechanisms of Noninvasive Low Intensity Transcranial Ultrasound Neuromodulation
Scott, Jacqueline Cook Statistical and Mechanistic Modeling of Right Ventricular Function in Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension
Suma, Daniel He Noninvasive Brain Computer Interfacing
Wijesekara Kankanange, Piyumi Ren Enhanced Cell Engraftment onto Native Extracellular Matrix via Metabolic Engineering and Chemoselective Functionalization
Ye, Shuai He Spatio-temporal Dynamic Source Imaging of EEG/MEG on Epilepsy Patients
Sun, Rui He Computational Method for Solving EEG Source Localization Problem for Epilepsy Patients

Dissertation Titles of Former Ph.D. Students

Name Advisor Year Thesis Title
Abdollahi, Sara Feinberg 2018 Soft material 3D printing toward patient-specific wearable medical devices
Nelson, Diane Cook 2018 Pulmonary Drug Delivery via Reverse Perfluorocarbon Emulsions: A Novel Method for Bacterial Respiratory Infections and Acute Respiratory Failure
Martin, Andrea Antaki 2017 Development and Modeling of Multi-scale Continuous High Gradient Magnetophoretic Separator for Malaria-infected Red Blood Cells
Campbell, Alan Russell, Islam 2017 Enzymatic Biosensor and Biofuel Cell Development Using Carbon Nanomaterials and Polymer-Based Protein Engineering
Hinton, Thomas Feinberg 2017 Rapid Prototyping Tissue Models of Mammary Duct Epithelium
Liu, Chi Rohde 2017 Nuclear Morphometry based Pattern Recognition in Pathology
Demarest, Caitlin Cook 2017 Prolonging the Useful Lifetime of Artificial Lungs
Blank, Molly Antaki 2016 Resource-Efficient Methods of Breast Lesion Elasticity Measurement to Improve Malignancy Risk Stratification
Cummings, Chad Russell 2016 High density polymer modification of proteins using polymer-based protein engineering
Duffy, Rebecca Feinberg 2016 Engineering Contractile 2D and 3D Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle for Applications in Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering, and Soft Robotics
Jallerat, Quentin Feinberg 2016 An Embryonic-inspired Approach to Engineer Functional Human Cardiac Tissue
Kundu, Shinjini Rohde 2016 Automated Discovery and Visualization of Discriminating Structural Markers from MRI using Transport-Based Morphometry
Martin, Andrea Antaki 2016 Development and Modeling of Multi-scale Continuous High Gradient Magnetophoretic Separator for Malaria-infected Red Blood Cells
Pholpabu, Pitirat Bettinger 2016 Multiscale Design of Polymeric Biomaterials for Reducing Epidermal Downgrowth in Percutaneous Devices
Wong, Stephanie Wang 2016 Physical and Molecular Pathways Involved in Cellular Sensing of Mechanical Signals
Wu, Ying Ying Shimada 2016 2DOF External Fixator and Computer-Assisted Surgical System for 6DOF Orthopedic Correction Using Axis-Angle Representation
Zhang, Jian Wang 2016 Exploring the Control Mechanism of Directional Cell Migration
Chang, Stephanie Wang 2015 Mechanosensing of Substrate Dimension and Migration State in Adherent Cells
Chen, Kuan-Chieh (Jackie) Kovacevic, Yang 2015 Computational Image Analysis Techniques for Super-Resolution Localization Microscopy
Kolouri, Soheil Rohde 2015 Transport-Based Pattern Recognition and Image Modeling
Lee, Hao-Chih Yang 2015 Data-Driven Modeling of Morphological Dynamics and Intracellular Transport of Organelles
Loghmanpour, Natasha Antaki 2015 Designing Clinical Decision Support Tools for End-Stage Heart Failure
McCann, Michael Kovacevic 2015 Tools for Automated Histology Image Analysis
Szymanski, John Feinberg 2015 Elucidating the Mechanosensitive Properties of Fibronectin Using Surface-Initiated Assembly
Yu, Yiyi Yang 2015 Fluorescence Imaging of Neuronal Mitochondrial Dynamics
Holt, Brian Dahl, Islam 2014 Cellular Processing of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes
Friedrich, Emily Washburn 2014 Local Control of Inflammation via Hyaluronic Acid-Conjugated Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha Antibody Therapeutics
Khanal, Amsul Przybycien, Tilton 2014 Spreading of Surfactant-Laden Aerosols on Entangled Polymer Solution Subphases
Shrivats, Arun Hollinger 2014 Polymer-mediated siRNA Delivery for the Prevention of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
Yeh, Fang-Cheng (Frank) Ho 2014 Automated Whole Slide Image Analysis for Animal Research and Clinical Application
Alvarez-Urena, Pedro Hollinger 2013 Prevention of Neurologic Heterotopic Ossification Using siRNA
Chen, Cheng Rohde 2013 A General System for Supervised Biomedical Image Segmentation
Hsu, Eric Hollinger 2013 RNA Interference for the Prophylaxis of Combat Trauma-Induced Heterotopic Ossification
Kowalski, William Pekkan 2013 Quantification of Vascular Morphogenesis in the Chick Embryo and Its Relationship to the Hemodynamic Environment
Kuruvilla, Anupama Kovacevic 2013 Automated Diagnosis of Otitis Media: A Vocabulary and Grammar
Menon, Prahlad Pekkan 2013 Medical Device Design for Improved Cardiopulmonary Bypass Perfusion and Hemodynamic Optimality during Cardiovascular Procedures Using Image-Based Computational Fluid Dynamics
Qiu, Minhua Yang 2013 High-Resolution Image-Based Computational Analysis of Cytoskeletal Dynamics
Valentine, Jane Przybycien 2013 Modeling and Optimization of a MEMS Membrane-Based Acoustic-Wave Biosensor
Wilson, Mary Beth LeDuc 2013 Engineering the Microarchitecture of Biological Systems to Optimize Functionality through Bottom-up and Top-down Approaches
Chen, Chia-Yuan Pekkan 2012 Characterization of Hemodynamics Using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
Delubac, Daniel Zappe 2012 Automated Drosophila Embryo Injection, Imaging and Image Analysis Technologies for High-Throughput Screens
Highley, Christopher Zappe 2012 Capsular Cellular Microenvironments for Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering
Li, Jieyue Murphy 2012 Automated Learning of Subcellular Location Patterns in Confocal Fluorescence Images from Human Protein Atlas
Kim, Jeongho Antaki 2012 Multiphase CFD Analysis and Shape-Optimization of Blood-Contacting Medical Devices
Kuppuswamy, Usha Zappe 2012 Microtopography-Induced Neurogenesis in Neural Stem Cells
Rape, Andrew Wang 2012 The Regulation of Cellular Traction Forces
Schutte, Lyndsey Hollinger 2012 An Agent-Based Model for Evaluating Cellular Mechanisms of Bone Remodeling
Taylor, Portia Kanade, Hodgins 2012 Sensor-Based Assessment of the Quality of Human Motion During Therapeutic Exercise
Wang, Wei Rohde 2012 Geometric Approaches for Analyzing Cellular Morphology
Dur, Onur Pekkann 2011 Investigation of the Unsteady Venous Hemodynamics in Fontan Patients to Enable New Therapeutic Options for Improving the Long Term Outcome
Gaspard, Sanna Przybycien 2011 The Development and Evaluation of a Point-of-Care Tissue Reflectance Spectroscopy-Based Device for Early Stage Pressure Ulcer Detection
Kalinowski, Agnieszka Dahl, Loesche 2011 Lamin A Tail Domain Variants and their Membrane Association
Oberdier, Matthew Antaki 2011 Towards Development and Application of A Hemostasis Device for Neurosurgery
Peng, Tao Murphy 2011 Image-Derived Generative Models for Three-Dimensional Cellular Organization
Shum, Judy Finol 2011 Risk Assessment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms by Geometry Quantification Measures
Wang, Yajuan Antaki 2011 Decision Guidance System for Personalized Mechanical Circulatory Assistance
Didier, Jonathan LeDuc 2010 Achieving Spatiotemporal Control over Molecular Interactions with Biological Material-Based Approaches
Glass, Paul Sitti 2010 Biologically-Inspired Fibrillar Adhesives for Therapeutic Capsule Endoscopes
Hund, Sam Antaki 2010 A Computational Model of Platelet Mediated Thrombosis for the Evaluation and Design of Medical Devices
Mittal, Rowena Bruchez, Campbell 2010 Quantum Dots for Quantitative Stem Cell Tracking in vivo
Ribiero, Alexandre Dahl 2010 Mechanics of the Nucleus in Differentially Uncommitted Cells
Siewiorek, Gail Finol 2010 Clinical Outcome of Endovascular Treatment of Cartoid Artery Occlusive Disease
Sun, Liang-Tso (Steve) Washburn 2010 Development of Cytokine-Neutralizing Gels for Local Control of Inflammation
Trumble, Dennis Antaki 2010 Development and Testing of a Muscle-Powered Cardiac Assist Device
Bakhru, Sasha Zappe 2009 Technologies Enabling Autologous Neural Stem Cell-Based Therapies for Neurodegenerative Disease and Injury
Cheng, Chao-Min LeDuc 2009 Understanding Cell-Based Bipolymer Structure Through Small-Scale Approaches
Jackson, Charles Kovacevic 2009 Intelligent Acquisition and Learning of Fluorescence Microscope Data Models
Lee, Donghyun Kumta 2009 In Vitro Assessment of Phosphophoryn (PP) Induced Biomineralization
Newberg, Justin Murphy 2009 Frameworks for Classifying Proteins across Human Cell Lines and Tissues
Ruder, Warren LeDuc 2009 Predicting in vito Cell Behavior Using Characterization and Analysis of Cellular Calcium Response
Chebira, Amina Kovacevic 2008 Adaptive Multiresolution Frame Classification of Biomedical Images
Drummond, Arielle Antaki 2008 Biomedical Surgical Planning for Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device (PVAD)
Ko, Hsu-Feng (Paul) Kumta 2008 Design, Synthesis and Optimization of Nanostructured Calcium Phosphates (NanaoCaPs) and Natural Polymer Based 3-D Non-Viral Gene Delivery Systems
Olton, Dana Kumta 2008 Fundamental Studies of the Synthesis, Characterization, Stabilization, 3-D Scaffolds, and Trafficking Mechanisms of Nan-Structured Calcium Phosphates (Nanocaps) for Non-Viral Gene Delivery
Srinivasa, Gowri Kovacevic 2008 Active Mask Framework for Segmentation of Fluorescence Microscope Images
Zhao, Rui Antaki 2008 Experimental and Theorectical Investigation of Blood Flow Dynamics Associated with Blood Contacting Device
Afshar, Pedram Matsuoka 2007 A Neuromuscular Framework for Motor Control
Chen, Shann-Ching (Sam) Murphy 2007 Graphical Model Approaches to Segmentation and Classification for Analysis of Protein Subcellular Location Patterns
Garcia-Osuna, Elvira Murphy 2007 Automated Analysis of the Subcellular Location of Proteins in NIH3T3 and CaCO2 Cells Using Fluorescence Microscopic Images
Gartner, Mark Amon 2007 Epicardial Isolation of the Left Appendage
Miller, Eric Campbell, Weiss 2007 Inkjet Printing of Solid-Phase Growth Factor Patterns to Direct Cell Fate
Redmond, Jerald Piehler 2007 Origins and Consequences of Silicon Carbide Banding in Silicon-Alloyed Isotropic Pyroltic Carbon
Scotti, Christine Amon, Finol 2007 In Vitro and In Vivo Dynamics of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms: A Fluid-Structure Interaction Study
Tanaka, Daigo Shimada, Rabin 2007 Computational Method for Cryoprobe-Layout Optimization via Finite Sphere Packing
Wang, David C. Stetten 2007 Automatic Common Carotid Artery and Internal Jugular Vein Identification and Tracking for the Sonic Flashlight
Zhao, Ting Murphy 2007 Generative Models of Protein Subcellular Location Patterns
Gartner, Mark Amon 2006 Epicardial Isolation of the Left Appendage
Pagani, Ioanna Ghattas, LeDuc 2006 Subcellular Localization of Cytoskeletal and Transmembrane Proteins of the Human Erythrocyte
Velliste, Meel Murphy 2002 Image Interpretation Methods for A Systematics of Protein Subcellular Location
Amin, Devin Kanade 2002 Ultrasound Registration for Surgical Navigation
Finol, Ender Amon 2001 Fluid Mechanics of Pulsatile Blood Flow in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Corcoran, Timothy Chigier 2000 Medical Nebulizers: Device Design and Spray Dynamics within the Human Throat
Tsai, Ching-Hsuan Ho 2000 Designing and Engineering Recombinant Hemoglobins as Potential Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carriers
Boland, Michael Murphy 1999 Quantitative Description and Autmomated Classification of Cellular Protein Localization Patterns in Fluorescence Microscope Images of Mammalian Cells
Dow, Alasdair Taylor 1999 Quantitative 3D Surface Reconstruction in Fluorescence Microscopy of Multicellular Systems
Kontoyannis, Nickolaos Lanni 1999 A Point Spread Function Model for a Flat-Field, Sine-Condition Fluorescence Microscope
Krishnamurthi, Vijaykumar Lanni 1998 Image Processing in Standing Wave Fluorescence Microscopy
Slawson, Susan Koretsky 1998 Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Mouse Heart to Determine Mass and Function
Deshpande, Balachandra Anderson 1997 A Three-Dimensional Contact Coupled Finite Element Model of the Radiocarpal Joint
Hampel, Howard Piehler 1997 Characteristics of in vivo Wear of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Souza da Costa e Silva, Alfonso Koretsky 1996 Nuclear Magnetic Measurements of Rat Brain Perfusion Using Arterial Spin Labeling
Joe, Bonnie Preston 1995 3D Mathematical Morphology for Reconstruction and Analysis of the Human Renal Glomerulus from Serial Section Data
Witt, Erik Preston 1995 Automated Staging of Coal Workers'' Pneumoconiosis Utilizing Digital Image Analysis of Chest X-Rays
Baxter, Laurence Domach 1990 Transport of Fluid and Macromolecules in Normal and Neoplastic Tissue
Firestone, Lawrence Preston 1990 Continuous Class pattern Recognition and Image Processing for Lymph Node Cancer Diagnosis
Carroll, Terrence Longini 1987 Signal Enhancement in a Physiological Setting
Gilbert, Jeremy Piehler 1987 The Corrosion-Fatigue Behavior of Titanium-6 Aluminum-4 Vanadium Hip Prosthesis: Fabrication Effects and in vitro Performance
Link, Norman Preston 1987 Automated Subclassification of Non-Hodgkin''s Follicular Lymphomas
Ward-Hartley, Kimberly Jain 1986 Effect of Hyperglycemia on Tumor Blood Flow: Characterization, Rheological Mechanisms and Significance
Donahoe, Theresa Longini 1984 Development of an Instrument for Measuring Blood Oxygenation and Blood Flow
Gerlowski, Leonard Jain 1984 Interstitial Diffusion and Capillary Permeability in Normal and Neoplastic Tissues
Hafford, Kimberly Preston 1984 Relationship of Routine Hematoxylin Staining to the Computerized Analysis of Liver Tissue Micrographs
Kaufman, Amy Preston 1984 Computerized Estimation of Cell Size in Follicular Lymphoma
Rogowska, Jadwiga Preston 1984 Computer Display of Wide Dynamic Range Digital Radiographic Chest Images
Dudar, Thomas Jain 1982 Flow Modifications in Normal and Neoplastic Tissues during Growth and Hyperthermia
Ainslie, Paul Boston 1980 Analysis of Human Auditory Brainstem Responses for Complex Stimuli
Cano, Gerald Longini 1980 Multifaceted Approach to Noise Reduction in the Non-Invasive Fetal Electrocardiographic Measurement
Peterka, Robert Sanderson 1980 Quantitative Characterization of Properties of Peripheral Neurons Innervating Semicircular Canals of the Bullfrog
Segen, Jakub Sanderson 1980 Pattern-Directed Signal Analysis: Unsupervised Model Inference, Applications to EEG and Speech
Crowley, Jerry Longini 1978 Adaptive Noise Cancelling Using Near-Orthogonal Functions for Processing Fetal Electrocardiograms
Hirschman, Alan Longini 1978 Methods for Efficient Compression, Reconstruction, and Evaluation of Digitized Electrocardiograms
Jenkins, Ian Briller 1977 The Computerized Acquisition, Compression and Retrieval of Electrocardiograms
Abel, Larry Quick, Jr. 1976 An Application of Wiener Analysis to Human Visual Psychophysical Response
Borovetz, Harvey Weissman, Hung 1976 An in vitro and in vivo Study of an Etched Channel Membrane Oxygenator
Giolma, John Longini 1976 Cardiac Related Parameters of Thoracic Electrical Impedance: The Guarded Electrode Technique
Hamerly, James Quick, Jr. 1976 Grating Contrast Perception at Low Suprathreshold Contrasts: The Combination of Responses of Frequency-Selective Channels
Perlin, Alfred Hung 1976 Models of Blood Flow in Narrow Capillaries
Schuessler, George Hung 1976 Computational and Experimental Investigations of Blood Flow through the Aortic Valve
Wall III, Conrad Sanderson 1976 Entrainment in the Cat''s Visual System: Experiments and Modelling
Caracciolo, Frank Cussler, Evans 1974 Selective Transport with Common Ion Effects
Reichner, Philip Weissman 1974 The Anomalous Behavior of Transcutaneous Gas Diffusion
Hung, Ting-Cheng Bugliarello, Hung 1972 Characteristics of Blood Flows in Curved Hollow Glass Fibers
Lehr, John Longini, Cooley 1972 Physiological Impedance Measurements - A Theoretical and Experimental Treatment of Guarded Electrode and Other Techniques
Morofsky, Edward Wong 1972 Computer Perception of Complex Patterns
Sullivan, Kevin Longini 1972 Understanding Machine Generated Spelltalk: Adaptation to Speech Processing of a Non-Speech Code
Wang, Robert C. Calvert 1972 Monitoring Respiration with the VCG
Yang, Kang-Chiang Calvert 1972 Modelling Studies of the Hippocampus
Bellavia, Dean Calvert, Longini 1971 A Prosthetic Reading Aid for the Blind
Bungay, Peter Brenner 1971 The Motion of Closely-Fitting Particles through Fluid-Filled Tubes - Modeling of Capillary Blood Flow
Detwiler, John Longini 1971 A Synthetic Dialect of English for a Reading Machine for the Blind
Brown, James Longini 1968 Compensating the Normal and Abnormal Vectorcardiogram for Individual Anatomic Variations