Carnegie Mellon University

Research Topics of Current Research-Option M.S. Students

Name Advisor Year Report/Publication/Thesis Title
Cao, Jiaming Kainerstorfer 2017 Multimodal Measurements of Brain Activity with Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Electroencephalography
Che, Chengqian Galeotti 2017 Ultra-High Frequency Ultrasound In-Plane Vessel Registration
Cheng, Ya-Wen Whitehead, Feinberg 2017 Aligned Vegetable and Fruit Derived Cellulose Scaffolds for Myocardial Engineering
Cooke, Alida Cook 2017 In Vivo Testing of Artificial Lung, Surface-Focused Anticoagulation Using a New Bicyclic FXII Inhibitor
Lien, Jui-Chien  (Raychien) Wang 2017 Development of A Stretching Device for Investigation of Cellular Behavior and Migration Under Cyclic Strain
Parody, Nicholas Riviere 2017 Investigation of Methods for the Reduction of Hand Tremor Amplitude in Micromanipulation.
Ravikumar, Sadhana Chase 2017 Tracking Chronically Recorded Neurons Using Pairwise Cross-correlograms
Wang, Jingyi Murphy 2017 Automated basal bodies alignment and growth pattern measurement
Yin, Yue Weiss (Weldon) 2017 Instrumented Hip Implant to Detect Loosening Using Acoustic Impedance Analysis
Zhang, Yan Whitehead 2017 Therapeutic Application of Lipidoid Nanoparticles in The Treatment of Bone Loss Associated with Periodontitis
Zheng, Ruohui Schneider 2017 Segregation effects in rapid gel-free electrophoresis of kilobase DNA
Kim, Young Suk Yang 2017 Supervised classification of gene expression in Leukemia
Li, Songyang (Noah) Feinberg 2017 3D printing of multifunctional hydrogel using freeform reversible embedding of suspended hydrogels
Sharma, Abhinav Chase 2017 Design of a split-running wheel for studies of locomotor learning.
Acharya, Deepshikha Kenji Shimada 2017 Increasing Compliance Using Custom-Fit3D-Printed BiPAP Mask for ALS Patients
Chaturvedi, Akhil Kenji Shimada 2018 Optimizing feature representation of deep learning methods for snore sound classification
Dhamotharan, Vishaal Antaki 2017 Development of an automated aqueous im mersion surgery system for feasibility tests in micro-gravity environments
Hao, John Kenji Shimada 2018 Material Characterization and Selection for 3D-Printed Spine Models
Kumar, Ritesh Kelly Shawn 2018 Ultra-high-density scalp EEG outperforms localized invasive ECoG grids in inferring depth of seizure foci
Petersen, Robert Kelly Shawn 2018 Wireless Power and Two-Way Communication over a Loosely Coupled Inductive Network for Implantable Retinal Prosthesis
Shi, Delin Burak Ozdoganlar 2018 Study of Correlation between Acute Brain Tissue Damage and In vivo Insertion Condition of Miniature Neural Probes on rat models
Sonmez , Utku LeDuc 2017 Chemotactic Responses of Immune Cells in Microfluidic Flow-free Gradient Chambers
Wijesekara Kankanange, Piyumi Dahl 2017 Controlled Delivery of Anticancer Drugs to Tumor Cells Using Ternary Complexes of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Zhong, Baxi Howie Choset 2018 Coordination of back bending and leg movements for quadrupedal locomotion
Bian, Ge Kenji Shimada 2018 Medical Training Model Construction for Ultrasound-Guided Intravenous Needle Insertion.
Kim, Sun Uk Robert Murphy 2018 Learning Spatial Pattern of Neuronal Activity from c-Fos expression

Research Topics of Former Research-Option M.S. Students

Name Advisor Year Report/Publication/Thesis Title
Albrecht, Nicholas Campbell, Weiss 2016 Quantification of Protein Deposition and Binding Retention Using I125-Bioinks
He, Jia Whitehead 2016 The In Vitro Development of a CHOP-resistant mantle cell lymphoma cell line
Jeon, Brian Chase, Kuhlman 2016 Design and Testing of a Closed-loop Brain-Computer Interface System for Operation by a Mouse
Kerr, Charles Campbell, Weiss 2016 Non-Covalent Immobilization of Fc-Fusion Proteins and Antibodies for Localized Delivery
Madhusudan, Atul Cohen-Karni 2016 Synthesis and Assembly of Large Single Layer Graphene Films for Flexible Sensor Arrays
Netemeyer, Tracy Kelly 2016 Characterization of Retinal Tissue Damage Limits under Sub-Retinal Pulsed Electrical Stimulation
Pawar, Pooja Cook 2016 Endothelial Mimicking Surface Containing Thrombomodulin and Super-Low Fouling Zwitterionic Polymer for Blood Processing Applications
Robb, Sarah Dahl 2016 Environmental Influences on the Mechanisms of Interaction between Graphene Oxide and Membranes
Vellala, Pragna Sastry Dahl 2016 Consequences of Nuclear Structural Changes in Progeria in Cells under Force and Confinement
Zhang, Kairui Feinberg 2016 Characterizing Mechanical Properties of ECM Protein Nanofibers
Garg, Raghav  Cohen-Karni 2016 Nanowire Templated Growth of 3D Fuzzy Graphene as Functional Electrodes
Han, Ligong Marios Savvides 2016 An Automated Blood Cell Detection and Segmentation System
Mou, Chenchen  Bettinger 2016 Poly(carboxybetaine methacrylate)-based Zwitterionic Hydrogel Coatings for Managing Local Inflammation in Cortical Brain Machine Interface
Raghavan, Guruprasad Yang 2016 Computational and Experimental Analysis of Organization and Interactions of Organelle Networks at the Whole Cell Scale
Srinivasan, Ranjani  Yu 2016 Short-Term Motor Learning in Larval Zebrafish
Yu, Zhixuan (Peter)  Stetten 2016 PalmSight: an assistive technology helping the blind to locate and grasp objects
Mataev, Elnatan  Cohen-Karni 2016 Synthesis of group IV nanowires on graphene – the case of Ge nanocrawlers
Bone, Jennifer Cohen-Karni 2015 Nano-Bio Interfaces: Towards the Fabrication of Graphene-Graphite FETs for Elucidating the Electrical Activity of Excitable Cells
Dewerd, Jonathan Bruchez 2015 Data Mining to Improve PNA Thermodynamic Models
Gao, Yang Zhang 2015 3D Shape Comparison of Cardiac Geometries Using a Laplace Spectral Shape Matching Approach
Lee, Daniel Whitehead 2015 Effect of Mixed-Tailed Lipid Nanoparticles on siRNA Mediated Gene Silencing
Lorentz, Katherine Campbell, Weiss 2015 A Methodology to Characterize the Spatial Distortion of Fluorescent in vivo Imaging Systems
Miller, John Cook 2015 Quantitative Analysis of Thrombus within Artificial Lungs
Patil, Prarthana Feinberg 2015 Fabrication of Micropatterned Bifunctional Alginate Microfibers for Skeletal Muscle Tissue Engineering
Rastogi, Sahil Yang 2015 Influence of Particle Size and Surface Modification on Uptake Efficiency of Nanoparticles in Live Mammalian Cells
Saxena, Harsh Yang 2015 Kymograph-Based Single Particle Tracking of Axonal Cargo Transport
Sherman, Katherine Washburn 2015 Influence of Degree of Modification on Print Fidelity and Mechanical Properties of Photo-Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid Gels
Wu, Tsung-Hsuen Cook 2015 The Effect of Artificial Lung Fiber Bundle Porosity on Clot Formation and Device Failure
Yerneni, Saigopalkrishna Campbell, Weiss 2015 Bioprinted BMP3 Inhibition of BMP2-Induced Heterotopic Ossification
Zhao, Jingsi (Iris) Bettinger 2015 Ultrasound-Mediated Disruption of Bio-Inspired Metallic Hydrogel
Agarwal, Sanchita Kovacevic 2014 Automated Detection of Colitis Using Computational Methods from Histopathology Images
Bapst, Aleksander Gilgunn, Wang 2014 Explanted Pt and SIROF Microelectrode Arrays: Correlation of Structural Characteristics and Stimulation Conditions with Electrode Impedance during Chronic Implantation
Tembulkar, Tanuf Cook 2014 Right Ventricular Function Is Delimited by Oxygen Metabolism during Pulmonary Hypertension
Guo, Yue Choset 2014 Image-based Localization for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy in Small Intestine
Iftikhar, Aimon Bettinger 2014 Genipin-Crosslinked Polymeric Networks for Vascular Tissue Engineering Grafts
Lin, Weichun Dahl 2014 Deformability and Rheologic Character of the Nucleus and Cytoskeleton in HFF and Human
Majumdar, Joshita Kovacevic 2014 Stain Separation and Normalization of Histology Images
Mathai, Tejas Sudharshan Galeotti, Stetten 2014 Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) Accelerated Corne-al Tissue Surface Detection in Optical Coherence Tomographic (OCT) Images for Real-time Surgical Guidance
Montidoro, Tyson Antaki 2014 Characterizing Pressure and Flow Rate for Aqueous Immersion Surgery (AIS)
Rangarajan, Anusha Alathur Shimada 2014 Automated Method for Identification of Sleep Apnea and Quantification of Snores Using Support Vector Machines
Rautji, Kanika Feinberg 2014 Measuring the Contractility of Engineered 3D Muscle Tissue Using an Integrated Stress Sensor
Wells, Trent Riviere 2014 Hybrid Position/Force Control of an Active Handheld Micromanipulator for Membrane Peeling
Zhao, Yao Chase 2014 An Extended Latent Kalman Filter for Nuisance Variable Removal in Brain-Computer Interface Decoding Applications
Zhou, Yu Kovacevic 2014 Automatic Tissue Classification in Histopathology Images
Aggarwal, Sowmya Rabin 2013 Tracking of Heterogenous Ice Formation During Vitrification Process using Image Processing and Analysis Methods
Brackett, Jaclyn Antaki 2013 Methemoglobin Erythrocytes as a Model to Study Early-Stage Infected Plasmodium Falciparum Erthrocytes
Durvasula, Ashritha Geyer 2013 Standing Balance Control in Humans
Fok, Kevin Riviere 2013 Improved Locomotion for the HeartLander for Injection of an Anti-Remodeling Hydrogel
Ganesh, Sairaam Dahl 2013 The Tail Domain of Lamin B1 is More Strongly Modulated by Divalent Cations than Lamin A
Gunalan, Pallavi Ozdoganlar 2013 One Dimensional Fluorescence Characterization of Carboxymethyl Cellulose Dissolution
Guo, Jia Rohde 2013 Supervised Filter Design for Texture Classification Based on Optimized Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis
Hinton, Thomas Feinberg 2013 Freeform, Reversible Embedding of Suspended Hydrogels
Hsu, Chia-Wei Hollinger 2013 Inhibition of rhBMP-2-induced ALP Activity by Intracellular Delivery of SMURF1 in Murine Calvarial Pre-osteoblast Cells
Huang, Hu Rohde 2013 Cancer Diagnosis by Nuclear Morphometry with Spatial Dependency
Jayagobi, Lakshmi Dhevi Kovacevic 2013 Computational Methods for Automated Diagnosis of Otitis Media
Kalra, Arush Pekkan 2013 ePTFE based Valve Conduits for Pediatric Right Ventricular Outflow Tract Reconstruction: A Comparative Study of Three Designs using in vitro Testing & Analysis
Sahu, Amrita Feinberg 2013 Single Cell Extra-Cellular Matrix Scaffolds
Watt, Chin-Shu (April) Hollinger 2013 Determination of Commercially-Available Polymeric siRNA Transfection Reagents for Reduction of mRNA Protein Expressions in Murine Calvarial Pre-Osteoblast MC3T3-E1.4 Cells
Wu, Chenyang Fedder 2013 CMOS MEMS Capacitive Pressure Sensor for Left Ventricle End Diastolic Pressure
Xue, Yongqiang Dahl 2013 Mechanical Coupling of the Endothelial Cytoskeleton and Nucleus with VEGF Stimulation
Yu, Yao Przybycien, Tilton 2013 Sustained Release of PEGylated RNase A from PLG Microspheres Prepared with Butyl Acetate as the Organic Solvent
Albal, Priti Pekkan 2012 Novel Fenestration Designs for Controlled Venous Flow Shunting in Failing Fontans with Systemic Venous Hypertension
Barbaric, Lidija Hollinger 2012 Injectable Hydrogels for rhBMP-2 Delivery: Release Kinetics and Bioactivity Assessment
Jiao, Yuanfeng Zhang 2012 Estimating Equivalent Wall Thickness and Material Directions of Patient-Specific Cerebral Aneurysms through Mesh Deformation and an Anisotropic Spring System
Johnson, Gregory Murphy 2012 The Autophagic Response Under Different Starvation Conditions
Kustra, Stephen Bettinger 2012 High Throughput Arrays for Rapid Characterization of Solution Processable Transparent Conducting Electrodes
Lee, Randy Stetten 2012 The Hand Held Force Magnifier for Surgical Instruments
Liu, Albert Sitti 2012 Chemotactic Behavior of Bacteria Propelled Microbeads in Linear Microfluidic Gradients
Rintoul, Stefanie Lösche 2012 Binding Kinetics of Neurotransmitters: Evidence for a Membrane-Mediated Mode of Action
Singhal, Abhinav Antaki 2012 Microfluidic Device Development to Separate Malaria Infected Red Blood Cells using High Gradient Magnetic Field
Sukumar, Aishwarya Dahl 2012 Nuclear Stiffening Reduces the Metastatic Potential of Melanoma
Wang, Jihang Stetten 2012 Real-Time Registration of Video with Ultrasound using Stereo Disparity
Alvarez-Urena, Pedro Hollinger 2011 Growth Factors and Craniofacial Surgery
Engel, Daniel Schneider 2011 Length Based Separation of DNA in Microfluidic Chips Using Oxazole Dyes
Friedrich, Emily Washburn 2011 Effects of Hyaluronic Acid Conjugation on Anti-TNF-α Inhibition of Burn Progression
Kellogg, Ryan Zappe 2011 Decoding Immunomodulatory Function of Neural Progenitors through NF-kB Dynamics
Loghmanpour, Natasha Finol 2011 Assessing the Impact of Distal Protection Filter Design on 30-Day Outcomes of Carotid Artery Stenting Procedures
Mohanty, Khyati Yang 2011 Quantitative Fluorescence Live Imaging of Axonal Transport in Drosophila Segmental Nerves
Short, Philip Dahl 2011 The Mechanics of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Effects on Cellular Mechanisms
Street, Reva Hollinger 2011 Biocompatibility Assessment of Three Sodium Alginate Gel Compositions for the rhBMP-2 Delivery and the rhPGDF-BB Delivery for Orthopedic Applications
Taylor, Richard Dahl 2011 Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells: Injection Response and Socio-Economic Hurdles to Clinical Utility
Hoffecker, Ian Wang 2010 Assessing the spatial resolution of cellular rigidity sensing using a micropatterned hydrogel–photoresist composite
Liu, Peng Finol 2010 A Volume Meshing Strategy for Patient Specific Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Sharma, Aditi Hollinger 2010 Synergistic Effects of BMP-2 and PDGF-BB on Proliferation and Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Chu, Bur Campbell, Weiss 2009 Bioprinted Growth Factor Patterns to Control Heterogeneity of Stem Cell Differentiation
Chung, Cheng-Shiu Finol 2009 Design Optimization of a Novel Catheter for Rheolytic Thrombectomy
Wang, Yajuan Pekkan 2008 Aortic Arch Morphogenesis and Flow Modeling in the Chick Embryo
Gasbarro, Michelle Di Martino 2007 Atrial Mechanics
Smith, Meghan Van Briesen 2006 Natural Growth Variance and Reproducibility of Reactor Biofilms
Rani, Vamsi Kumta 2004 Novel Synthesis and Characterization of Carbonate Substituted Hydroxyapatite for Non-Viral Gene Delivery
Scotti, Christine Amon, Finol 2004 Computational Modeling of Patient-Specific Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Brisson, Vanessa Van Briesen 2003 Ethylenediaminetetracetic Acid and Vancomycin against a Staphylococcus epidermidis Biofilm
Petricca, Sarah Marra, Kumta 2003 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polymer/Ceramic Biodegradable Composites for Bone Tissue Engineering
Redmond, Jerald Piehler 2000 Retrieval Analysis of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene in Prosthetic Knee Joints
Levin, Miles Chigier 1999 Investigation of a Microemulsion as a Pulmonary Drug Carrier
Akcelik, Volkan Ghattas, Jaramaz 1998 An Automated Way of Three Dimensional Orthogonal Mesh Generation for Anatomic Structures
Biros, George Jaramaz, Ghattas 1998 2D Contour Smoothing and Surface Reconstruction of Tubular CT-Scanned Anatomical Structures
Gartner, Mark Amon, Antaki 1992 Device Using the Spectral Element Method: A Feasibility Study
Lund, Laura Borovetz 1992 Evaluation of Flow Methods as a Design Tool for Lung Development
Johnson, Greg Borovetz 1987 Calculation of Wall Shear Rate Acting on a Canine Carotid Artery Perfused in vitro
Neuman, Steven Borovetz 1987 Application of a Mathematical Model to Experimental Data of Arterial Wall Transport
Osborn, James Davidson 1986 Characterization of Airborne Trace Metal and Organic Species
Lue, Wen-Jeng Stern 1984 Transient Speech Feature Extraction and Recognition
Rebar, Victoria Jain 1984 Rheological Properties of Normal and Neoplastic Cells
McHugh, Douglas Bahill 1983 A Bioengineering Model for Adaptation of the Human Eye Movement System
DiGioia, Anthony Whittaker, Brown 1982 A Contact Coupled Finite Element Analysis of the Hip Joint and Porous-Ingrowth Prostheses
Kaiser, Donald Stern 1982 Interaural Time Discrimination in Tonal Maskers
Philippart, Nancy Davidson 1982 Relationships between Environmental Lead Exposure and Blood Lead
See, Michael 1982 A Microprocessor Based Monitoring System for the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit
Brendel, Gary Bahill 1981 Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation of a Model for Saccadic Eye Movements
Dabos, Peter 1981 Coupled Source Autoregressive Modelling of Multichannel EEG Signals
Fan, Clayton 1981 Signal-to-Noise Index of a Fetal Electrocardiogram
Hafford, Kimberly Preston 1981 Use of Cellular Logic Transforms in Three Dimensional Reconstruction and Skeletonization of Images of Serially Sectioned Nerve Cells
Kallman, Jeffrey Preston 1981 Predicting the Endpoint of a Saccade
Lieberman, Jon Bahill 1981 Development of a Computer Based Analysis Package for the Human Movement Systems
Peloso, Robert Tuma, Jain 1981 In vitro Dilectric Properties of Several Neoplastic Tissues during Normo- and Hyperthermia
Sack, Andrew 1981 On the Flow of Endolymph and the Energy of Transduction in the Human Semicircular Canals
Siegel, Julian Sanderson 1981 Variability and Estimation of EEG Signal Models Using Karhunen-Loeve Spectral Expansion
Walk, Bruce Briller 1981 An Analysis of P-Wave Detection Algorithms for Application to Primitive Extraction in 24-Hour Electrocardiograms
Deneault, Lee 1980 ERGs in Streptozotocin-Diabetic Rats under Different Insulin Regimens
Donahoe, Theresa Longini 1980 A Noninvasive Method for Measuring Net Oxygen Transport
Olisar, David Longini 1980 Noninvasive Fetal Heart Rate Variability Measurement
Azevedo, Stephen 1979 Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Improved Fetal Heart Rate Measurement
Carroll, Terrence Detwiler 1979 Two Fetal Cardiovascular Components in the Abdominal Electrical Impedance Signal
Duggins, Elizabeth Jain 1979 Effects of Insulin and Glucose on the Interstitial pH Differential between Normal and Tumor Tissues during Normo- and Hyperthermia
Iandolo, Michael Bahill 1979 Spectral Analysis of Human Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements
Latimer, Jose Bahill 1979 The Horizontal Extraocular Plant: A Modeling Study
Muratori, Donald Boston 1979 Miniature Piezoresistive Transducers for the Biomechanical Studies of Human Joints
Toback, Michael Bahill 1979 An Eye-Movement Communication Device
Way, Margaret Boston 1979 Biomechanical Aspects of Legg Perthes Disease
Yorkgitis, David Preston 1979 Automatic Computer Classification of Human Liver Biopsy Digitizations from Two Different Diseases and the Normal State
Baden, Halbert Bahill 1978 Importance of Mechanical Stressing for in vitro Growth of Cartilage Tissue
Khosla, Vinod Boston 1978 Scaling the Neurological Status Index - An Application of Psychometrics
Ainslie, Paul Boston 1977 A Laboratory Facility for Research in Evoked Response Audiometry
McKown, David Wong 1977 Early Detection of the Mentally Retarded by Computerized Dermatoglyphic Analysis
Bickerton, Michael Longini 1976 Detection of P-R Electrical Activity Using a Non-Invasive Technique
Weiss, Lee Detwiler 1976 Non-Invasive Measurement of Dawe''s Fetal Breathing in utero Using Fourier Analysis of Heart Rhythm
Crowley, Jerry Longini 1975 Variations of Phase Measurements in the Electrocardiogram
Hirschman, Alan Longini 1974 An Application of Orthonormal Functions in an Electrocardiographic Pattern Classification Experiment
Lenart, Robert 1974 Spectral Sensitivity of Visually Evoked Potentials and Single Neuron Activity in the Superior Colliculus and Pretectal Area of the Cat
Young, Lawrence Baumann 1974 Nutrient Conversion Process
Davis, Lawrence Longini 1973 A Testing and Developmental System for Spelltalk
Davis, Richard Longini 1973 Detection of Abnormal Ventricular Heartbeats Using Vector Phase Delays
Helfer, Joel Wong 1973 An Identification of Over-Users of Out-Patient Facilities
Malaiyandi, Ramalingam Hung 1973 An Experimental Study of Flow Past Artificial Heat Valves
Bernard, Thomas Hung 1972 A Study of Blood Flow Through a Micro-Constriction
King, Janice Wong 1971 Computer Analysis of Transcranial Sonotomographic B-Scans
Schuessler, George Hung 1971 Computational Simulation of Incipient Accelerated Blood Flow Past Heart Valves