Carnegie Mellon University

A Letter from the Department Head

Carnegie Mellon University is where many of the world’s new concepts, ideas and approaches are born. Across the campus, our faculty, students and staff are creating a better tomorrow. That spirit is rooted in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Biomedical engineering is a highly interdisciplinary field that integrates engineering with life sciences and medicine to promote human health and improve quality of life, through fundamental discoveries and translational research. The field is witnessing rapid changes, and today’s medical practice depends more and more on technological solutions.

Engineering innovation is the most important way forward for driving the future development of biomedical engineering and, in that respect, Carnegie Mellon University is uniquely positioned to lead the way due to its exceptional engineering strengths. There is truly no limit as to what engineering can do to further revolutionize medical practices serving the important needs of society.

It is an extremely exciting era for the further development of biomedical engineering. There are tremendous opportunities for continuing the excellence and growth of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at CMU, by leveraging outstanding faculty, students and staff, leading research and education programs, and this exceptional institutional environment. You can be a part of this brave new world as CMU BME produces future generations of biomedical engineering leaders in academia, industry and public service, and grows as the place to create and innovate ground-breaking technologies for bettering our understanding of biological systems, fighting major diseases and changing the world.

We look forward to your joining us to be part of this exciting undertaking.

Sincerely yours,

Bin He, Ph.D.
Trustee Professor and Head, Biomedical Engineering