Pekkan Cardiovascular Biofluids Group, Biomedical Engineering Deparment, Carnegie Mellon University

Here is the list of links describing our current research interests. Please feel free to contact us for any questions and comments!

  1. Hemodynamics of great vessel embryonic development
  2. Virtual surgical planning: Tools for 3D anatomy editing and hemodynamic analysis for the mastery of complex cardiovascular surgeries
  3. Improving neonatal cerebral perfusion during cardiopulmonary bypass
  4. Fluid dynamic optimization of complex congenital heart defect surgeries (Fontan pathways and shunts)
  5. Biomimetic circulation systems
  6. Nontraditional biomedical applications of micro particle image velocimetry (PIV)
  7. Micropropulsion system design for developmental vascular access

If you are interested to participate any of the last three emerging research areas please contact Prof. Pekkan for more information.