Pekkan Cardiovascular Biofluids Group, Biomedical Engineering Deparment, Carnegie Mellon University

Principal Investigator

Picture of Kerem Kerem Pekkan, PhD cv, bme, me

We are in search of innovative, dedicated and professional people to join our research group who are in pursuit of excelent engineering and art, with determination to make good impact to patient's health and inspired by nature. Please contact Prof. Pekkan via e-mail.


Graduate Students (PhD)

Onur Dur
Chia-Yuan Chen
Prahlad Menon
  William Kowalski



Undergraduate Research Students

  Nick Teslovich Biology
  Yixing Shi ME
  Soni Shephaly Biology/Art
  Ming-Yang Hung ME/BME
  Doug Bernstein ME/BME


Research Associate

Picture of Kerem Michael J Patrick mbic, web


Collaborators (partial list)

Bradley B. Keller
University of Louisville
Developmental cardiac biomechanics of heart defects
Akif Undar
Penn State
Fluid dynamic improvement of neonatal cardiopulmonary by-pass
Beth Roman
Zebrafish embryonic hemodynamics
James Antaki
Pediatric ventricle assit device design for congenital heart defect patients
David Frakes
Medical image and flow reconstruction
Metin Sitti
Biomimetic propulsion systems
Ajit Yoganathan
Georgia Tech
Fluid dynamics of Fontan surgeries

Former Students

Onur Dur BME - Grad Thoratec Inc.
Aman Chawla BME - Grad  
Shahroz Khalid ME - UG  
Nicholas Russell ChemE/BME  
Yajuan Wang BME - Grad PhD @CMU
Mikhail Lara ME/BME - UG PhD @PennState
Umit Danis ME - Grad Turkish Navy
Christopher Lacko MS/BME - UG PhD student
Phil Mannor ME/BME - UG  
Alice Mayfield ME/BME - UG  
Kayhan Haj-Ali-Ahmadi Biology - UG Med school

Lab pictures (2007-2008)