Carnegie Mellon University

Minor in Neuroscience

You will gain fundamental knowledge of neuroscience concepts. The interdisciplinary nature of the coursework echoes the nature of the field itself; you will select courses from the natural, social, and computer sciences. Neuroscientists not only require foundational knowledge of molecular, cellular, and systems neuroscience, but they should also understand the behavioral significance and appreciate how computational work and imaging techniques can aid in clarifying normal and abnormal functioning of these fundamental processes.

  • Acquire foundational knowledge of the basic biological foundations of the nervous system, from the cellular through systems levels.
  • Understand the effects of basic neurological function on behavior, including cognition.
  • Gain an appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of the field of neuroscience.

Because the curriculum within this minor may overlap with some degree requirements, no more than 2 courses fulfilling Neuroscience Minor requirements may count towards the requirements of a student’s major or other minor.

Required Courses


Modern Biology
Prerequisite for 03-362 and 03-363
Cellular Neuroscience
03-363 Systems Neuroscience 9
or 03-161
Biological Foundations of Behavior
Molecules to Mind

Distribution Requirements


Three courses, including at least 1 from each of the following categories:

Approaches to Neuroscience Category

15-386 Neural Computation 9
15-883 Computational Models of Neural Systems 12
85-412 Cognitive Modeling 9
85-414 Cognitive Neuropsychology 9
85-429 Cognitive Brain Imaging 9
85-435 Biologically Intelligent Exploration 9

Cognitive Neuroscience Category

03-133 Neurobiology of Disease 9
03-365 Neural Correlates of Learning and Memory 9
03-366 Neuropharmacology: Drugs, Brain, and Behavior 9
85-211 Cognitive Psychology
85-213 may be used instead of 85-211 when offered
85-370 Perception 9
85-406 Autism: Psychological and Neuroscience Perspectives 9

Minimum Number of Units Required for the Neuroscience Minor