Carnegie Mellon University

Minor in Biological Sciences

A minimum of six biological sciences courses must be completed to fulfill the minor in biological sciences. In order to complete these courses, it is necessary for the student to take a number of chemistry courses as prerequisites, however these courses are not formally required for the minor. The curriculum includes four required courses and two elective courses. Units awarded for undergraduate research are not applicable to elective courses. Courses taken in other departments or colleges will be considered on an individual basis.

Prerequisite and Required Courses for the Minor


09-105 Introduction to Modern Chemistry
Prerequisite for 09-217
09-217 Organic Chemistry I
Prerequisite for 03-231
03-121 Modern Biology 9
03-220 Genetics 9
or 03-232
Biochemistry 9
03-320 Cell Biology 9
03-XXX General Biology Elective 9
03-3XX Advanced Biology Elective 9