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Alan S. Waggoner

Maxwell H. and Gloria C. Connan Professor of Life Sciences

294B Mellon Institute
Department of Biological Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University
4400 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone: 412-268-3456
Fax: 412-268-7129


Alan Waggoner


Ph.D., University of Oregon
Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University


Dr. Waggoner's research group creates fluorescence-based detection systems for biology and biotechnology. The cyanine dye fluorescent labeling reagents developed in the laboratory have become widely used in industry and academic research for multicolor analysis of proteins, nucleic acids, cells and tissues by imaging and flow cytometry. The laboratory has participated in a wide range of research projects. As part of a NASA funded project we produced a panel of fluorescent reagents and an imaging system, which detected sparse microbial life in the extreme environment of the Atacama desert. We are also developing new fluorescent reagents to monitor cellular electrical potential and ion fluxes to study the cardiac function of living mammalian hearts.

Dr. Waggoner is currently leading the Molecular Biosensor and Imaging Center into creating a novel sensor unit technology for a broad class of biosensors. We envision this technology will provide a very powerful, and almost generic, tool for detecting protein interactions on and inside living cells. The sensor units are generated by combining engineered, cell-expressed target-binding proteins and environmentally sensitive fluorescent dyes that report target binding. Multiple sensors can be expressed simultaneously to sensitively and rapidly detect several targets within individual cells.

These sensor units are being incorporated into intracellular sensors, sensor particles and optical fiber sensors for interstitial spaces in tissues, sensors on chips for in vitro assays, and sensors for high throughput automated homogeneous assays in pharmaceutical drug discovery.


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