Crystal Rugege-Ntore-Carnegie Mellon University Africa - Carnegie Mellon University

Crystal Rugege-Ntore

Director of Business Strategy & Operations

Office: 4th Floor, Telecom House


Crystal Rugege-Ntore joined Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in 2009 charged with the task of establishing the 1st CMU location in Africa. In this capacity, she co-authored the white paper, which served as the framework for a 10-year partnership between CMU and the Government of Rwanda, one of the most significant public private partnerships impacting higher education in Africa today.

From its inception in 2012, Rugege-Ntore has lead the business operations and driven the strategic vision for CMU-Africa, a world-class graduate program dedicated to educating Africa’s next generation of technology leaders and innovators. Under her leadership, the university has raised over $12 million dollars, which has enabled the expansion of the program making it more accessible to Africa’s brightest young people.

Prior to joining Carnegie Mellon University, Rugege-Ntore worked at IBM's Silicon Valley Lab for seven years. As a software engineer, she created data warehousing solutions for banking and retail institutions. She also worked as a technology consultant providing IBM’s customers with business intelligence solutions.

Rugege-Ntore received her bachelor's degree in computer science from Grambling State University and her master's degree in information systems and management from Carnegie Mellon University. She’s a strong advocate for technology and education as catalysts for Africa’s socio-economic transformation; and she is committed to cultivating a new generation of African women leaders in STEM.