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Life outside of the classroom has always been an integral part of the educational experience at Carnegie Mellon University.

We encourage students to enhance and balance their academic pursuits with participation in social events, sports, service opportunities, and other activities offered on campus.

Students are also encouraged to take leadership in building the campus life they aspire to experience.

At our Telecom House location, an entire wing of the fourth floor is devoted to student life, including a student lounge, a large study area, a library, and rooms for student gatherings.  

Students will have opportunities to interact with the information technology (IT) professionals working at companies throughout Telecom House. They can find additional opportunities, such as internships, through our established partnerships with local and regional enterprises. 

Our 2015 graduation speaker gives a great idea of what its like to be at student at CMU-Africa:

Life in Kigali

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Living in Kigali
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Living in Kigali