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Student Committee Sets Up Solidarity Fund

Newly Elected Student Committee Sets Up Solidarity Fund

The newly elected CMU-R Student Association Committee has set up a solidarity fund to help fellow students in dire need. The fund is limited to personal expenses and offers peace of mind for students, allowing them to focus fully on their academic goals.
The committee President Gaspard Harelimana, said in a statement that the fund would help students with personal financial problems that would encompass such concerns as the payment of medical bills for students.
The committee has also been active on the social front and also aims to improve networking amongst students in Rwanda. Elodie Ndayikunda, newly elected leader of social affairs, recently organised a picnic and trip out of town for the students after their last semester examination. “We have also been able to attend conferences with students from other universities in Rwanda,” said Pierre Augustin Mvukiyingoma, in charge of communications.