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College of Engineering Hosts Showcase Rwanda

College of Engineering Hosts Showcase Rwanda

CMU-R Director Bruce Krogh presented to Pittsburgh staff and faculty during Showcase Rwanda. The event was designed to inform key people at the College of Engineering of our mission in Africa and on how the branch in Rwanda contributes to CMU’s vision to be a global thought leader and how we impact this fast growing region.

He explained that the African continent is home to the highest number of youth on the planet and that as UNICEF says “The Future of humanity is increasingly African.” He also pointed out that hi-tech giants such as Microsoft, Visa, Google, Facebook and IBM are have an increasing presence in Sub-Saharan Africa. Such companies will require the very best in local talent to expand their operations and the College of Engineering is well placed to be a key partner to provide it.

During his presentation, Director Krogh spoke about the partnership with the Government of Rwanda which allowed for the campus to be established and the plans for future expansion into a new campus as of 2016, which has attracted funds from the African Development Bank.

Underlining its commitment to regional integration, the Government of Rwanda has provided 50% scholarships for all students coming from the East Africa Community (Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya). In addition they provide student loans of 50% for all Rwandan students and there has been good progress in finding other scholarship opportunities. However, there is a need to find more financing for non-Rwandan students to ensure that fees are not a barrier to entry for well qualified EAC students.

Director Krogh was supported by the presence of four students from the Rwanda branch who are currently completing their final semester of studies in Pittsburgh. One of these students, Lynn Kirabo, presented her project Nitushoma, also known as the “African Kindle.” NituShoma is an e-Reader that will curate and promote literary works that are written by African authors. NituShoma is intended to serve the African market, meaning the billion people currently living on the African continent and anyone interested in African literature. Her application is only one of a growing number of local solutions to local issues coming out of the region’s new generation of technology innovators.

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