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Students Optimize and Redesign the BNR Communications Network

CMU-R Students Optimize and Redesign the BNR Communications Network

In a recent practicum, a team of Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda (CMU-R) students helped to reshape and optimize the communication technology network infrastructure of the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR).
Team members Kevin Rudahinduka, Redempta Ingabire, Bonaventure Karikumutima, and Josephine Nyiranzeyimana proposed a new design that was reliable, secure, and scalable with a high service availability infrastructure to support the BNR modernization strategy.
After conducting a deep analysis of the network infrastructure and gaining an understanding of their expectations, the students were able to redesign the wide area network edge zone and network perimeter. They further developed the data center network, head office LAN, branch LAN and disaster recovery within the network.
BNR happily received a current network infrastructure analysis report; a new design of the network infrastructure; a proposal of a unified communication design for collaboration with video conferencing; and a proposal of equipment purchase with prices for the new infrastructure, all as a direct result of the practicum.
The students expressed their gratitude to CMU-R for the opportunity to be involved in this project as well as their delight at being involved in such an important process for the establishment. "€œWe feel the project was a success and we were more than humbled by its importance; it is exciting to be a part of a nation’s technological growth," commented project member Kevin.