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CMU Alum's company keeps the Transform Africa summit moving

Tech startup founded by CMU Alum keeps the transform Africa Summit moving

AirClerk was co founded by CMU Alumna Ester Kunda (MSIT, Class of 2014) and Patrick Buchana to bring cashless transport technology to Rwanda. 

In November 2014, Airclerk launched a smart card for passengers under the “One card one City campaign” on the biggest bus operator in Kigali - Kigali Bus Services (KBS) in partnership with the Government of Rwanda. Their smartcards have been in use in Kigali Bus Services for the past 6 months and within the month the operator will go completely cashless thanks to their partnership.

Following the successful deployment of AirClerk technology for KBS, AirClerk are keeping Transform Africa’s delegates moving during the summit. AirClerk smartcards have been deployed in the summit shuttle buses and each delegate was issued a personalized card which allows transport officials to be sure that all delegates have been picked up for transport to the conference. 

“We had zero delegates missing the bus on opening day of the conference and we have taken away a significant burden from Transport Team” , said Patrick. 

Patrick’s brother Paul is a student at CMU in Rwanda and is currently spending a semester studying abroad in Pittsburgh. Paul was on the development team for the AirClerk technology.

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