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Class of 2016 leave campus for summer internhsips

Class of 2016 leave for summer internships

The CMU-Rwanda building is very quiet this week, as the students Class of 2016 have left campus to sample real world learning during their summer internships.

Each student at CMU is required to complete an internship in order to complete their course requirements. In the MSIT internship, each student works full time in industry or in research and development with a CMU-R faculty member. This gives the student an opportunity to become familiar with a specific field in ICT, apply technical knowledge in a real-world setting, and gain experience working with ICT professionals. It builds on the knowledge and skills gained by the students during their first year. 

This year our students have been placed in regional and international companies in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania and will work in both the public and private sector. Two students will have the opportunity to work with IBM Research Lab in Nairobi and just a short distance across the border, two more students will work in solar energy at Off Grid Electric in Arusha, Tanzania. Closer to home our students will be working for a variety of companies in the Banking, IT and public sectors such as Liquid Telecom, KCB, Pivot Access and RURA. 

The Class of 2016 return to their studies next semester and having learned several new skills to help them on their way to graduating, and for their careers beyond.

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