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CMUR Student Panelist for Creativity World Forum in Oklahoma

Timothy Kaboya at the Creativity World Forum

The Creativity World Forum is one of the largest creativity and innovation conferences in the world. More than 1,500 visitors from 11 countries and 25 states gathered in Oklahoma City to participate in this year’s forum including our MSIT student Timothy Kaboya. The forum’s theme, “All Our Futures: Ideas That Matter” was inspired by Sir Ken Robinson’s publication All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture & Education highlighted the need for ideas that allow individuals, businesses and communities to move beyond the status quo, to grow and to succeed.

Timothy joined a high ranking delegation from Rwanda to speak on a panel about “Creative Partnerships between Rwanda and Oklahoma.”  His fellow panelists comprised of Rwanda Minister of Education Hon. Silas Lwakabamba, Minister of Infrastructure Hon. James Musoni, Chancellor Mike O’Neal and the Mercy Ubuzima Team US Coordinator (shown above). The panel was moderated by Gaspard Twagirayezu in a Q&A format and the main focus was on the strategic partnerships between Rwanda and Oklahoma and the many ways that Rwanda is using creativity and innovation to sustain development. 

Timothy was asked to join the conference on the strength of his achievements with the organisation he cofounded, ELERwanda. This is a youth focused NGO with the mission of ELE Rwanda is to inspire, motivate and empower the youth to be active participants in the economy and development of Rwanda. The idea came to him while he was studying for his undergraduate degree as a Presidential Scholar in Oklahoma, he wanted to a way to remain active and contribute to the development of his home country while he was based in the USA. 

"I shared my personal experience of studying at Oklahoma Christian University on a Presidential Scholarship and how am now matriculating at a first class university that set up a campus in Rwanda. I shared about how Rwanda partnered with CMU to set up a campus here to build capacity in IT and the engineering sector."

The keynote speakers of the conference included Creativity Expert Sir Ken Robinson and Serge Ibaka (NBA-OKC) who shared how they are creative in their fields. The forum had many other high profile guests and Timothy took the chance to interact with the current Rwanda Ambassador to the US H.E. Mathilde Mukantabana, who hosted the Rwandan Youth Forum in Dallas May 23-24, which was also attended by CMU students and administration.

"All in all, the conference was a huge learning experience. There were many inspiring talks from creativity experts from around the world. I am very thankful that I got to present in front of a huge audience about my current work. On a personal note, the experience of meeting many other Presidential scholars was enriching and has strengthened my resolve to work hard and succeed."

Timothy's hard work and creativity will surely be put to the test as he leaves CMU for a semester and samples life beyond the books during his internship with Alliances.

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