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CMU Students Win Infographic Competition

CMU in Rwanda Students Win First Place at Kigali Infographic Competition

Infographics Award

By Barrett Nash

December 1, 2014

KIGALI    Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Rwanda would like to congratulate students John Mutakubwa (MSIT 2016), Chris Njuguna (MSIT 2016) and Lynn Kirabo (MSIT 2015) for winning 1st place in the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda’s Annual Infographic Competition.

The competition, which is held in celebration of African Statistics Day, has the objective of raising public awareness about the importance of statistics in the economic and social development of the continent.

Living up to its name of “Team Impressive,” the CMU in Rwanda students winning entry (view high-res file here) effectively communicated through data charts and other graphical elements the decision making process for how a Rwandese migrant determines the most promising region in the country to move to.

There was more good news to be shared among the students at CMU in Rwanda, as its students also swept 7 of the top 15 entries. 

CMU in Rwanda’s students entered the competition as part of the course work for their ‘Strategic Use of Digital Information in Enterprises’ class. Taught by Associate Director Michel Bezy, he stated “I’m proud of the good work of our students. During the course, they learn how to move from data to information to knowledge to insight to finally making decisions. We call that Data Driven Decision. I think that the winning team’s infographic is a good illustration of that process even if it was simplified for the purpose of the competition.”With this year’s strong showing, future students from Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda competing in next year’s Infographic Challenge will have a high legacy to live up to.

Winning infographic

About Carnegie Mellon University’s ICT Center of Excellence in Rwanda

In October 2007, the Connect Africa Summit recommended the establishment of five Centers of Excellence in each sub-region of Africa. Rwanda is spearheading the initiative for the East Africa Community with the opening of an Information and Communication Technology Center of Excellence in Kigali.

In order to fulfill this ambitious goal, the Government of Rwanda strategically targeted Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to establish and operate a master's degree-granting program in Rwanda because of CMU's strong culture of research and innovation.

The reputation of CMU and the quality of education that is delivered at CMU in Rwanda is unique in the region and attracts the best students from the world to come to study in Rwanda. With this critical mass of expert skills, Rwanda is on its way to becoming a leader in developing the breakthrough ICT solutions needed for the future of Africa.