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Master's Practicum

Carnegie Mellon University Africa is offering the opportunity to have a team of master’s students work for a full semester on an industry problem. Private companies or public organizations submit business problems they are facing and for which they are looking for a solution. These must be engineering type problems that require ICT based solutions.

This program, called the Master’s Practicum, gives our students practical experience solving real problems.  There is no cost to the company to sponsor a Master’s Practicum Project. 

How Practicum Sponsorship Works

If your company is interested in becoming a practicum sponsor and engaging our students in the practicum experience, we ask that you submit a proposal online or follow the guidelines and submit a pdf by email to  

Each student on the team is expected to work 24 hours a week on the practicum project for the duration of a semester, resulting in a total of over 360 hours of work per student.

Start-up companies may find the practicum to be a particularly useful and unique method for solving their technology and business problems in a timely manner by using a CMU MSIT student team to augment the start-up staff.

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Practicum Guidelines

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