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Master's Internships

Carnegie Mellon University Africa's Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) and Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSECE) integrates technology, management, and industry experience to prepare students to become intelligent decision makers in the field of information technology.

Our graduate programs allow students to participate in a three-month internship at a third party enterprise or organization.  The master's internship allows them to apply their knowledge and experiences from the programs' courses and labs in a real-world work environment.

Value of the master's internship for organizations hosting the CMU students

The master's internship provides the hosting organization with the opportunity to interact with our students and leverage their expertise for the benefit of the organization.

It is also an opportunity to evaluate their skills for potential future employment; however, the student intern is not guaranteed a job upon completion of the master's internship.

Successful master's internships can also lead to further collaboration between the organization and CMU-Africa. 

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Master's Internship Testimonials From Our Students

Lynn Kirabo, Intern at IBM

Jean Luc Intumwayase, Intern at Rexvirt Communications 

During my internship I learned to have a high level view of projects as well as work swiftly with the changing views of a client.

I learned the importance of interacting in depth with the client in order to get a better understanding of their need.

Lastly as a developer, I learned to adapt both mentally and professionally because my project morphing into several different projects.

The chance to work in the Tokyo office not only gave me a chance to learn the Japanese working environment, but also the scientific/engineering aspect of the Japanese environment.

The transport infrastructure and many other aspects of Japanese life are a motivation for an engineer to think about the future of their country. 

Mukesha Josephine, Intern at General Electric

Vivens Mutangana, Intern at Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR)

During this internship, we had the opportunity to work with people from various backgrounds and experience. 

This allowed me to take into consideration their perspective and how they look at a problem and come up with a sustainable solution, especially how it can make business sense.

I also learned how to negotiate and find a satisfying solution for all parties involved. 

During my internship we developed 3 features for an android mobile application.

I enjoyed my internship because I got the chance to apply what I’ve learnt from different courses that I took in two semesters in a real-world work environment.

Thanks to CMU that gave me that chance. 

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