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Please review our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below for more information about Carnegie Mellon University Africa.

In what language are classes conducted?

Do I have to pay the application fee?

Is there an undergraduate program of study that is most suitable for admission to MSIT / MSECE at Carnegie Mellon University Rwanda?

Does the Carnegie Mellon University Africa accept applications to the first year of the MSIT/MSECE Program from students who are currently in their final year of undergraduate studies?

Do I have to upload recommendation letters to my application?

Getting my transcripts officially notarized is a long process and I’m afraid I won’t make the deadline?

Are international students who are not Rwandan citizens or East African Residents eligible to apply?

Why is CMU-Africa offering only graduate degrees?

I found a really good statement of purpose online. Can I use this to start my statement of purpose?

I haven’t sat for my GRE and TOEFL/IELTS, so I don’t have the scores. Can I submit my application without these?

How does the education at CMU-Africa compare with the education on CMU's main campus?

Are there quotas for how many graduate applicants are accepted?

Why should students apply to CMU-Africa rather than to CMU in Pittsburgh?

Are there opportunities for students to study in the United States?

What information is there for your under construction campus?

Are you collaborating with other universities?

The cost of tuition is high compared with other universities in Africa. Why?

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