19th Commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi-Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda - Carnegie Mellon University

CMU-R Commemorates 19th Anniversary of the Genocide

KIGALI, 10th April 2013The 19th Commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi themed "Striving for self-reliance” was observed at CMU-R on the 8th of April with commemoration events throughout the week.

 On the 9th of April, students, faculty and staff of CMU-R commemorated the memorial period with a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Gisozi.

Later that day, CMU-R student committee hosted a commemoration event on campus attended by the CMU-R community as well as family and friends.

The guest speaker of the event was the highly revered Senator Tito Rutaremara, who gave an in depth overview of Rwandan history leading up to the genocide, and the steps Rwanda has taken to become self-reliant to ensure genocide never happens again. CMU-R's director, Professor Bruce Krogh shared profound remarks with the audience as well, noting Rwanda's resilience and great achievements in the past 19 years since the genocide occured. 

On the 10th of April, a film “Rwanda Again” was shown to the public. Rwanda Again tells a story of work and healing, of a people who have survived the ruins of genocide and must rebuild what they once had and what they must have; food, shelter, liberty and trust for fellow humans. The "Rwanda Again" story and concept was completed by Phoebe Mutetsi with direction and concept by Lawrence Blankenbyl.