University of Dar es Salaam hosts CMU-R-Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda - Carnegie Mellon University

University of Dar es Salaam Department of Computer Science and Engineering hosts CMU-R

UDSM Department of Computer Science will host Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda for a public lecture and information session. Associate Director, Professor Michel Bézy, will be giving a public lecture on “The New Nomads and Cloud Computing in Africa”. The lecture will be immediately followed by an interactive discussion on the significance of cloud computing and broadband technologies in East Africa and other emerging markets. Professor Bézy will also give a presentation about CMU-R's vision and program offerings.

Abstract: The New Nomads and Cloud Computing in Africa

The" Nomads of the Sahara are called the "children of the clouds" and in Africa, clouds announce the rain that brings hope. A new type of cloud is bringing hope for the next generation of African innovators and unleashing their creativity: Cloud computing. The integration of mobile, broadband internet and cloud computing is opening new opportunities for SMEs, a key development sector for Africa."

Event Details:

Venue: University of Dar es Salaam Business School, Room B106

Date: Wednesday, 11th April 2012

Time: 10AM - 12PM

This event is open to the public. For inquiries, please contact Dr. Godfrey Justo-