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The Software Developer Certification

Thursday 05th September 2013


Dr. Philip L. Miller
School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Philip L. Miller gave a distinguished lecture at CMU in Rwanda on Thursday the 5th of September about the Software Developer Exam (SDE) a credentialing program being developed at Carnegie Mellon University in conjunction with the Kenya Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Board. The purposes of the program include but are not limited to:

1. Identifying job candidates with the programming skills of entry-level software developers.
2. Demonstrating the presence of a well-trained software workforce.
3. Providing guidance to educational and training institutions.

The program consists of an authentic examination that tests an individual's ability to perform tasks that entry-level developers routinely encounter on the job. Test takers write, compile, debug, and test real software to demonstrate their abilities in a secure, proctored exam. 

Dr. Miller joined Carnegie Mellon's Computer Science Department in 1979 to head the undergraduate programming courses. There he pioneered authentic examination with the 1,000 students per year who comprised the incoming freshman class. The method was refined and scaled up through work with CMU’s spin-off startup, iCarnegie that brought the CMU software development curriculum to partnering institutions around the world.

Earlier he was the major force behind the College Board’s Advanced Placement Computer Science, created and headed Carnegie Mellon's Center for Art and Technology, was a multiple time National Science Foundation principal investigator, and, funded directly by Apple's Steve Jobs,  created and deployed the MacGnome programming environments for novice programmers at  universities throughout the United States. 

At the Software Engineering Institute Miller specialized in programming instruction, personal and team software processes, and testing. Over the years Dr. Miller's attention was increasingly drawn to the needs of aspiring software developers from the developing world. This led to the creation of iCarnegie and the current focus on authentic examination and a global qualification for entry level developers, the software developer exam.

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