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Course title:  Telecommunications Policy in Developing Countries

Course discipline: Telecom/ICT Policy

Core/Elective: Elective

Units: 6

Lecture/Lab/Rep hours/week: 4h lecture

Semester/year offered (fall/spring, even/odd/all years): spring/even

Pre-requisites: Graduate standing

Course description:

This course will provide students with tools to analyze telecommunications policy and regulations and their impacts on the telecommunication markets. We first review telecommunications industry/organizational structure and concepts of telecommunication technologies. We then discuss key elements of information and communication (ICT) policy and discuss ICT policies and national broadband plans from selected countries. Finally we discuss impact of policy on current and emerging topics such as broadband and VoIP. The course will be composed of class lectures, invited presentation and discussions topics. The course has an emphasis on policies in developing countries and emerging markets. It combines other multidisciplinary aspects related to technology, economics and law. Topics include:
- Competitive telecommunication markets
- Elements of ICT policy, broadband and broadband policy
- Interconnection, rate regulation, universal access & service
- Radio-frequency spectrum (technical & regulatory issues), numbering and addressing
- Network neutrality, regulatory issues related to the Internet (VoIP, TVIP)

Learning objectives:

• Identify telecommunications markets and discuss their trends
• Understand the role of ICT policy and regulations in different telecommunication markets
• Understand the processes of ICT policy development and its implementation
• Discuss universal access/service in developing countries
• Identify the issues in deployment of Broadband services in developing countries
• Analyze issues of ICT policy in developing countries and their impacts
• Describe radio-frequency spectrum management and new spectrum sharing technologies
• Identify challenges related to ICT in developing countries and propose policy-related
• Apply the above concepts to specific problems

Faculty : Aminata Garba