04-980-Carnegie Mellon University Africa - Carnegie Mellon University


MSIT Independant Study

Course discipline: NA
Units: 3-15
Fall & Spring
Pre-requisites:  First Semester Completed

Course description: 

This Independent Study is for students selecting the professional focus for their MSIT. Max 15 units can count towards MSIT.

Study needs to be supervised by a faculty member and can only be performed in 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th semester of MSIT.

Students selecting this course (and the MSIT professional) cannot take 04-990 Research Project

Course registration:

The Independent Study Description Document (no more than two pages) should be submitted to the Director before the end of the second week of the semester. More information about the registration can be found here.

Students’ assessment:

Students will be required to do a public presentation of results of their study at the end of the semester.