04-801/A1-Carnegie Mellon University Africa - Carnegie Mellon University



Research Methods

Course discipline: General Research
Units: 6
Lecture/Lab/Rep hours/week: 2 X 1 hour 40 minutes/ 50 minutes recitation
Semester/year offered: Fall/all years

Course description: 

Students will learn how to plan and design a research project, including identifying a research problem and sub-problems, conducting a literature review, determining a methodology for answering the questions presented, and developing hypotheses regarding the expected results.

Learning objectives:

During the course students will develop four types of skills:

  1. develop a structured, scientific mode of intellectual organization
  2. understand and utilize the resources available for conducting research
  3. learn the patterns of organization and citation that are accepted within the relevant scientific community
  4. abide by principles of academic integrity.


After completing this course, students should be able to: conduct independent research, conduct literature review, read and analyze scientific literature.

Content details:

The course will cover the following topics:

  1. Research question
  2. Sub-problems
  3. Hypothesis
  4. Delimitations
  5. Research methodology
  6. Literature review
  7. Data needed and means to obtain it
  8. Qualifications of the researcher

Faculty: Bruce Krogh