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Course title: Embedded Systems Development

Course discipline:

Electronics, Control, Programming, Computer, Industrial Applications


Units: 3 or 4

Lecture/Lab/Rep hours/week:

3 hours per week

1 or 2 hours Labs,

Semester/year offered (fall/spring, even/odd/all years):

Spring 2015


Basic Programming Course C/C++ or Java

Course description:

This course aims at teaching microprocessor architecture, programming and design. It will focus on learning different chips such as PIC and MC. Assembly and C programming will be studied and some industrial applications will be realized.

Learning objectives:

Grasp microprocessor architecture, capabilities and programming language

Be able to solve real-life problems with microprocessor design


After completing this course, students should be able to analyze industrial application problems, choose a suitable microprocessor, come up with a design and program to solve these problems.