04-642-Carnegie Mellon University Africa - Carnegie Mellon University


Networking Laboratory

Course discipline: ICT, ECE
Core/Elective: Elective
Units: 6
Lecture/Lab/Rep hours/week: 2 hours lecture,  6 hours lab per week 
Semester/year offered (fall/spring, even/odd/all years): Fall
Pre-requisites: 04-641 concurrently or equivalent experience

Course description:

In this class, students will learn to apply networking principles through the set-up, configuration, and testing of actual network switches and routers. Students will complete weekly labs that require them to implement a specific network configuration. The course grade will be based on weekly lab write-ups, quizzes, and a final exam consisting of written and practical components.

Learning objectives:

This course aims to give hands-on knowledge of network principles and the challenges to make an operational network.


By the end of this course students should be able to deploy and configure a basic enterprise network.  

Content details:

  • Switching I
  • Switching II
  • Wireless LANS
  • Routing, Single Area
  • Routing, Multi Area
  • WAN L2 Protocols
  • Security
  • Final Exam (both written & practical)

Faculty: Martin Saint