04-601/602-Carnegie Mellon University Africa - Carnegie Mellon University



MSIT First-Year Seminar

Course discipline: NA
Core/Elective:  Core
Units: 3
Semester: Fall/Spring
Pre-requisites:  None

Course description: 

In the MSIT first-year seminar, students select, investigate, discuss, and explore professional skills and emerging technologies and solutions in information and communication technology.  Students are assigned weekly reading assignments and each week different students (or student groups) will prepare presentations and lead the discussions.  Faculty and experts from local companies will also serve as guest lecturers on specific topics covering professional skills and technical areas of interest. 

 Learning objectives:

  • Presentation skills
  • Increased awareness of emerging ICT and applications
  • Reading technical literature
  • Develop a mature perspective on the role and potential of ICT, particularly in Africa


After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Read and summarize technical literature
  • Engage in substantive discussions and debates about the relevance and potential of technology innovations
  • Prepare engaging presentations and lead discussions

Students’ assessment:

Grades are determined by answers to questions on the readings, the quality of presentations and participation in discussion.

Faculty: Bruce Krogh