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Concentrations Available in Kigali

The MSIT program is offering a combination of courses allowing students to tailor the program to their career aspirations and their interests by selecting relevant elective courses whilst studying core courses that provide a solid foundation of skills and knowledge.

In order to help students in their course selections, we have defined six concentrations. Concentrations are not compulsory, they are an option for students interested in acquiring skills in a specific area, providing them with guidance on their course selection.

Concentrations do not lead to a different degree and will not be mentioned on the MSIT certificate, however CMU-Africa keeps records of students’ course selections. CMU-Africa records determine the concentration completed by students and this information can be used to refer students to employers requiring specific skills.

Concentration Course Content

Each concentration includes one core course and a selection of elective courses. For a student to be considered as having acquired the skills of a specific concentration, s/he must complete at least 36 units in that concentration. In addition, students should select internship, practicum, and/or research in their selected concentration.

Concentration selection

Each concentration will have a dedicated faculty expert to advise students and a student can select up to two concentrations.

Here are the six concentrations offered in our MSIT program:

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