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Student Services

Student Services at CMU-Africa

The staff of Recruitment and Student Services in CMU-Africa work closely with the student body to identify their ongoing needs and develop ways to enrich the student experience. They meet with the leadership of the student body bi-weekly to update them on opportunities available, listen to their concerns and ideas, and work with them to provide support for CMU-sponsored as well as student-led projects.

Sports and Recreation

Several social activities are undertaken during the year. We have Lakeside picnics and boat rides especially at the beginning of the semester to have the students bond and share experiences which later impact their study groups in a potent way. Movie, Documentaries and Bowling nights are normally set for the end of the semester after exams, to allow them to relax and get into their break or internships after a social event.

CMU-Africa provides students access to Umubano gym, Aerobics and the pool facility. The guild student body organize group sports events which may include football games and Safaris.

Professional Development Support

Professional development speaker series on Leadership, Time management, Entrepreneurship and Startup funding models have been sessions that have improved the students view on these subjects, we try to expose them to not only classroom experiences but to have them meet and network with professionals who have made it in their given spheres.

Sponsorship for academic conferences for Tunisia (Paul Buchana, Jean Pierre Murenzi, IEEE Conference), Maryland (Gloria Ingabire, SATURN Conference), India (Stephen Odara at IEEE conference), Oklahoma (Timothy Kaboya, Creativity World Forum) and Dallas (Josephine, Vivens, Rwanda Youth Forum) are intended to have the students present papers and grow in their research and presentation skills.


Community Engagement

In the place of a CSR department there is a Student led Community Service, to give back to the community through a variety of different projects. In the past this has included visiting Ntarama orphan village, engaging the Kigali Memorial Center and the students have a fund that they have set up to help any of their classmates in times of need, if any of them are undergoing a difficult time.

Project Rwanda is one of the projects that’s bridging the gap between CMU-Africa and CMU-P. They work closely to eliminate the ICT illiteracy in Rwanda, by volunteering at a local primary school and introducing simple programming skills to the children.

Semester in Pittsburgh

Each year, CMU-Africa sponsors the four top students to study for semester in Pittsburgh. This covers airfare and accommodation during the entire stay and also covers one cultural exposure trip outside of Pittsburgh to New York City or Washington DC.

Additionally, the option to study for a semester in Pittsburgh is open to any CMU-Africa student who can self fund (even if they are not part of the top four). 

Orientation and Feedback

Students are offered different platforms to prepare them for CMU-Africa when they are first given admission, they have a whole month of orientation, which includes classes, social activities and Alumni seminars. To be able to receive continuous feedback from them, we have out in place regular meetings with the student guild and one on one meetings with all students, when they complete the MSIT and MSECE programs, we expect them to go through the exit interviews.