Carnegie Mellon University

Pre-K Through 12 Programs

Planting the Seeds for Success

Committed to improving the educational experience for children in the Pittsburgh region and beyond, Carnegie Mellon provides learning opportunities long before college.

Our Summer Pre-College Program is a six-week program that allows high school students to discover what it's like to live on campus as a college student. Many of our colleges offer K–12 programs with a focus on a particular discipline, like our School of Music's Preparatory School.

Carnegie Mellon also provides preschool and kindergarten education based on theories and research in developmental psychology as well as years of successful experience at the Children's School.

Children of University faculty, staff and students may attend the Cyert Center for Early Education — a full-day early care and education program for children ages three months to kindergarten.

In these ways and so many more, Carnegie Mellon helps children prepare today for what's to come tomorrow. For more information about K–12 programs, visit the Gelfand Center for Service Learning and Outreach.

Carnegie Mellon’s original campus design is said to have been modeled after a ship by the campus’s initial architect Henry Hornbostel. An actual ship's prow taken from the historic cruiser, the USS Pennsylvania, rests atop Roberts Hall, which overlooks Panther Hollow and the Carnegie Museum complex.

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University CenterEven without an education school, Carnegie Mellon's interdisciplinary culture has propelled departments, ranging from psychology to statistics to computer science, to produce innovations that are revolutionizing K-12 and college classrooms.