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Jonathan Potts

For immediate release:
February 20, 2006

Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Academic Journal Explores the Intersection of Science, Society and Law

PITTSBURGH—The Triple Helix, the first and largest national undergraduate academic journal, has arrived at Carnegie Mellon University, and the chapter is already among the largest and best-organized in the nation.

"The meteoric growth has much to do with the amount of dedication the executive staff gives to the Triple Helix and to the amount of support they receive from the Carnegie Mellon campus," said Benjamin Liss, director of marketing for The Triple Helix at Carnegie Mellon.

The Triple Helix explores the relationship between science, society and law. Articles written exclusively by undergraduate students focus on understanding scientific and technological advances, how these advances affect society and their relationship with the law. This multidisciplinary writing helps promote discussion and describe the impact of important national and local scientific discoveries. The goal of the journal is for readers to understand the relevance of science to their own lives.

Each of the 17 Triple Helix chapters prints its own edition of the journal. Half of each issue is made up of locally written articles and the other half is comprised of the best articles written nationwide. The journal is printed once each semester, and the first Carnegie Mellon edition is slated to be published in the fall of 2006. Other Triple Helix chapters include Dartmouth, Brown, MIT, Penn, Yale, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Berkeley and Cornell. Mizel Djukic, who served as the first president of the Carnegie Mellon chapter, now serves on the national organization's board of directors. The current Carnegie Mellon chapter president is Jordan Bates.

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