Carnegie Mellon University

Larry Pileggi

Larry Pileggi

Tanoto Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering




Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University


Analog and Digital SoC Designs in Advanced Technologies

Application-specific hardware customization and acceleration can provide the best possible performance and energy efficiency, but completing such integrated circuit (IC) designs with nanoscale technologies is often unaffordable for most applications and product volumes. This challenge is further exacerbated by the integration of emerging materials and technologies that are used to overcome the limitations of the stagnant CMOS technology. Dr. Pileggi's group, in collaboration with other researchers,is creating new integrated systems and the supporting design methodologies to create affordable best-in-class electronics for commercial and military applications.

Circuits and Emerging Applications for Post-CMOS Technologies

As we approach the end of CMOS scaling there is great interest in discovering the post-CMOS technologies that will enable the next era of exponential-rate improvement for integrated circuits (ICs). Toward this goal it is important for the research exploration to concurrently consider the circuit opportunities and device possibilities as they impact specific architectures and application opportunities. Dr. Pileggi's group is investigating new post-CMOS technologies, including novel nanoscale magnetic devices, and futuristic circuit architectures, such as those used for neurocomputing and image processing, that together could create new application domains for electronic systems.