India Today: Oct. 22-24, 2010-Weekend-Today - Carnegie Mellon University

In conjunction with India Today, Prof. Paul Goodman will be presenting a University Lecture on "Dabbawallas" on Monday, October 18, at 4:30pm in Porter Hall 100 (Gregg Hall).

India Today: Economics, Technology and People

October 22 - October 24, 2010; Porter Hall 100, Carnegie Mellon University campus (campus map)

CMU: 99-331/ 94-815 (graduate students only); Pitt: Katz (graduate) BIND 2400 CRN 38695
CBA (undergraduate) BUSECN 1505 CLN is 38958; Arts and Sciences Econ 1903 /10198

3 units/1credit hour

K-12 teachers: This course has been approved for 20 Act 48 credit hours. For more information and to register for the course, please contact Veronica Dristas at

Sponsored by:
Carnegie Mellon University:
The H. John Heinz III College, the Office of the Provost, and The Division of Student Affairs
The University of Pittsburgh:
Global Studies Center, International Business Center, Katz Graduate School of Business, and the Swanson School of Engineering

As a rising state in the world economy and with a rich history and culture, India’s status is shifting. India Today is a 3-unit course, consisting of 14 hours of classes over a weekend, with a major paper assignment to be completed for credit. The course will explore questions such as:

• How has India’s capacity for innovation and education kept up with its industrial growth in recent years?
• What are impediments to India’s economic and business growth?
• What are the challenges of multinational firms in developing countries and how can those challenges be overcome?

Speakers include:
Marian Aguiar, Carnegie Mellon University
Ashish Arora, Duke University
John Camillus, University of Pittsburgh
Rabikar Chatterjee, University of Pittsburgh
Devesh Kapur, University of Pennsylvania
Annemie Maertens, University of Pittsburgh
Arvind Panagariya
, Columbia University
Nico Slate, Carnegie Mellon University
Sunil Wadhwani, iGate