2008 India-Today-Weekend-Today - Carnegie Mellon University

2008 India Today: Innovation, Industry and Education

99- 331; 3 units/1 credit hour

Sponsored by:
Carnegie Mellon University:
The H. John Heinz III College, the Office of the Provost, and The Division of Student Affairs
The University of Pittsburgh:
Katz Graduate School of Business, the Swanson School of Engineering, and the Asian Studies Center

As a rising state in the world economy, India’s status is shifting. India Today is a 3-unit course, consisting of 14 hours of classes over a weekend, with a major paper assignment to be completed for credit. The course will explore:

• How has India’s capacity for innovation and education kept up with its industrial growth in recent years?
• What are impediments to India’s economic and business growth?
• What are the challenges of multinational firms in developing countries and how can those challenges be overcome?

Speakers include:
Ashish Arora, Patricia Beeson, Lee Branstetter, Loren Brandt, John Camillus, Rabikar Chatterjee, Arvind Panagariya, Smita Srinivas, Sunil Wadhwani

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