Application Checklist-Undergraduate Research Office - Carnegie Mellon University

Application Checklist

Before the deadline:

1. Did you ask your faculty advisor to complete the Recommendation Form?
2. Did you draft your proposal AND budget?
3. Did you register on the website?
4. Did you attend a proposal writing workshop run by the URO?
5. Did you meet with our Director or Assistant Directors (optional, but strongly recommended)?
6. Did you check with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) if your project involves human subjects?

Submitting your final proposal:

1. Did you upload a final copy of your SURG (3 pages, plus one page for budget=4 total pages) or SURG/CW (4 pages, plus one page for budget, plus one page for CW questions=5 total pages) proposal?
2. Did your faculty advisor complete and email the Recommendation Form? (Your advisor will receive an email prompt to upload the letter after you have registered your project online.)
3. If submitting a SURG/CW, did you complete the additional two questions on a separate page?